Special Renaissance Dinner at the Borghese Palace, in the center of Florence

Renaissance Dinner at the Borghese Palace, in the center of Florence

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Espectacular! La comida de buen nivel

daniel G.

Exclusive Renaissance Dinner in Florence at Borghese Palace

Attend a Renaissance banquet at the sumptuous Borghese Palace, located in the center of Florence, and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of that historic period. Get ready to experience an authentic time-travel in the Florentine Renaissance for a fantastic dinner!

Special Renaissance Dinner at the Borghese Palace, in the center of Florence highlights: 

  • Travel to the past, during the Italian Renaissance, joining this sumptuous banquet
  • Admire the architectural and artistic beauties of the Palazzo Borghese, in central Florence
  • Take part in an unforgettable evening, surrounded by artists dressed in clothes of the time
  • Relive the wonderful Renaissance atmosphere in this sumptuous feast

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Renaissance Borghese Palace, in the center of Florence, one of the most important buildings of the neoclassical period, and take part in a rich 4-course banquet.

Admire the magnificent Borghese Palace in Florence

Go to one of the most beautiful buildings in Florence and admire its architecture and priceless art-works inside.
Originally, the center of cultural meetings and social events, this striking building is today a place for conventions and big events.

Dive into a unique Renaissance atmosphere

Arriving at the Borghese Palace you will meet the staff dressed in original Renaissance clothes and on the aristocratic staircase you will receive a warm and unforgettable welcome. The dinner will be accompanied by evocative music Renaissance and folk dances.
Three musicians (harp, flute and soprano voice), two dancing couples, and a jester who jumps around the table, will perform to recreate the typical atmosphere ofthe XVth century banquets.

Enjoy a delicious dinner and enjoy the show

You will experience this dinner not only as a spectator, but you can also take an active part as protagonist: with the help of the artists, you can wear costumes and learn some simple dance steps.
At the end of the evening, you will receive a valuable personalized parchment, with the emblem of the Palazzo Borghese, as a certificate of your participation in this unforgettable evening.

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Reviews of Renaissance Dinner at the Borghese Palace, in the center of Florence

Reviewed by daniel G. from

Espectacular !!!

Yo hablo español y a pesar de ello disfrute del evento, ya que hay pocas comunicaciones, la comida de buen nivel, obvio que dan preferencia a los grupos, éramos dos parejas y nos pusieron al fondo, lo compensaron poniendo en la mesa una botella de vino tinto y otra de vino blanco