Gastronomic Tour of Florence to taste local Wine and Food

Gastronomic Tour of Florence to taste local Wine and Food

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Fantastic experience in Florence, absolutely recommended!

Ellen M.

Wine, Olive Oil and Cheese Tasting in the Heart of Florence

Join this amazing wine tasting session in Florence, together with the best cheeses in town. Learn more about the traditional olive oil of Tuscany with a wine and food tasting in Florence.

Gastronomic experience of Florence to taste local Wine and Food highlights: 

  • Taste the original Tuscan cuisine with a culinary eXPerience in Florence
  • Have a wine tasting session in Florence with the best wines of Tuscany
  • Sample the most delicious types of Tuscan cheese
  • Discover the magical world of the Tuscan olive oil in Florence
  • Learn more about the authentic gastronomy of Florence and Tuscany

Gastronomic experience of Florence to taste local Wine and Food

Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of the best authentic products of Florence.

The authentic flavour of Tuscan cuisine

Beyond being one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world, Florence is also a heaven for people who love good food and wine.
Join this tour for a unique insight into the traditional products of Florence, with tasting sessions of the best specialties, delicious wine, olive oil and cheese, bearing the unique mark of Made in Tuscany.

Wine, olive oil and cheese: the best products of Tuscany

Follow the tantalizing flavors of the city and take advantage of our exclusive wine, olive oil and cheese tasting in Florence.
You will have the chance to taste some of the most famous and respected types of Tuscan wine, known in the whole world and regarded as some of the best in the world.
You will be served by an expert sommelier that will also explain all the amazing secrets of these wines.

An unforgettable wine, olive oil and cheese tasting in the centre of Florence

You will learn more about the different types of grapes and why the hills of Tuscany are perfect for vineyards. The wine tasting session in Florence will also include a selection of the best Tuscan cheese specialties.
The other trademark product of Tuscany that you will have the opportunity to taste in the heart of Florence is olive oil, a heritage of the region. Italian cuisine and olive oil are forever linked and you will have the chance to taste two of the best extra virgin olive oils in Florence, a fascinating ending to a wonderful food and wine tasting in Florence.

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Reviews of Gastronomic Tour of Florence to taste local Wine and Food

Reviewed by Ellen M. from

Wine and cheese in Florence

Wonderful! We were the only tourists and the explanations were wonderful! We learned so much about Tuscan wines and the paired cheeses were delicious. I would recommend it to anyone with an hour to spare! Clear, concise and gastronomic excellence!