Vintage tour by Fiat 500 around the amazing hills of the Chianti region

Vintage tour by Fiat 500 around the amazing hills of the Chianti region

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Very enjoyable experience

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Drive a Vintage Fiat 500 around the Chianti region

Take a break from all the crowds and noise, move to the countryside and have a look at some of the grander things Tuscany has to offer, with this tour of Tuscany in a Fiat 500. Experience the Tuscan countryside aboard a vintage car, a true symbol of Made in Italy.

Vintage activity by Fiat 500 around the amazing hills of the Chianti region highlights: 

  • Don’t miss out on Italy’s automotive contributions, experience the thrill of riding in a Fiat 500 by yourself
  • Get out of the ordinary tourist destinations filled with distraction and noise to enjoy the countryside
  • Experience “la dolce vita” by yourself, aboard a Fiat 500
  • Get instant notoriety just by driving around in such a spectacular vehicle – you honk, people wave
  • Take your time and soak everything in, nothing is rushing you unnecessarily during this Tuscany tour

Vintage activity by Fiat 500 around the amazing hills of the Chianti region

Staying in the usual crowded tourist destination can be quite enjoyable, but it wears away on many people after some time. Take a break from all of the crowds and noise – retreat to the countryside and cruise down the Tuscan roads in one of the most iconic Italian vehicles – the Fiat 500. The only thing which will separate you from the beautiful Italian nature is the intense roar of this classic car's engine.

Visit Tuscany on board a vintage Fiat 500

This tour of Tuscany will begin with an introduction to the vehicles so that you can get an intimate look at them before hopping in. Once the short intro has finished, the drive will begin through the hills scattered around the Florence landscape.
During the tour, you will be driving on a privately owned road. All of the iconic vineyards and olive groves will be present. As you are driving down the walled country roads of Tuscany, landscapes with rich history will appear left and right.

Discover the amazing landscapes of Tuscany

The surrounding area will have plenty of monasteries, grapevines, olive groves, and 15th century villas. If anything interests you in particular, a history guide will be present throughout the tour to provide both general and specific information.
After a while, the tour of Tuscany will continue into the Chianti countryside – filled with things to do and places to see. The Chianti landscape is filled with Tuscan farmhouses, cypress trees, and without doubt vineyards. To make sure that all of the notable features are observed, you will drive through a little bit of the 'Mille Miglia' rally.

Move to the Chianti area to admire its wonderful sights

The Chianti roads are very sleek and have nice, smooth curves for a very enjoyable drive. Every moment spent touring these roads is like browsing through postcard scenes. You will make a stop at the Chianti Classico Vineyard and then later at an olive grove, which has an amazing view of a large portion of the countryside.
Many tourists come to Italy with a large list of things to do. While many of these things are worthwhile, they are undoubtedly frequented areas with a large amount of traffic. If you're looking to break out of the standard tourist itinerary, taking a drive in a vintage Fiat 500 through some of the most beautiful countryside scenes Italy has to offer is a great idea.

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Reviews of Vintage tour by Fiat 500 around the amazing hills of the Chianti region

Reviewed by Zach F from

Best Tour Ever Done

My wife and I traveled from Puerto Rico to Europe on our honeymoon. We scheduled many different excursions and had no idea that this fiat tour was going to be the best thing that we would do.. Not just on the Europe trip, but in any country we have ever been to. Giuseppe was great and really did a great job with our group. You get to meet people from around the world and by the end of the tour you are enjoying a nice wine and some food together. We really have to thank this Tour Company for making our honeymoon extra special and created a lifetime memory. By the way, if you are a male you will love this, driving these little Fiats around are like driving Go Karts!
Reviewed by Tal W from Russian Federation

Just brilliant!

What to say that's not been said already? As others have written, this was the absolute highlight of our trip to Florence too! On the strength of other Tripadvisor reviews, four of us booked the Classic Tour (which turned out to be more like a private tour, since we were the only ones that morning). I was a little worried about fitting into the pint-sized cars (we're a bit on the tall side), but it wasn't a problem, and the double clutch was very straightforward to use. Nico was a funny, entertaining, and very knowledgeable guide. Overall, it was the best fun we had during our stay, and a couple of weeks on from our holiday, this is the activity we're still talking about!
Reviewed by HolidayAnyone from United Kingdom

Hilarious way to see the Chianti countryside

This unusual, vintage tour was fantastic! We enjoyed it from the start to the finish. There were a few nerves and anxious moments at learning how to use the double clutch, but it soon became easy enough. Definitely would say you need to be an experienced manual car driver before getting behind the wheel of these vintage Cinque centos. Our tour was led by Beppe, he was very patient when teaching us about the cars and gave great knowledge and facts about the cars themselves and the chianti countryside. He made us laugh on more than one occasion! Lucky for us it did not rain as my 6 foot 2 inches boyfriend had to permanently drive with the sunroof open so his head could stick out in order to fit in the Fiat 500! Which just made the tour even funnier for me!
Reviewed by Sherri M from United States

My Husbands favorite part of our trip!

I signed my husband and I up for this tour after reading about it on Tripadvisor. It was awesome!! We had so much fun driving around Tuscany. It was so nice to get out of the city of Florence and check out the countryside. Our guide Nico made our tour so memorable. He was funny, nice, and more importantly... patient! I would definitely recommend this tour. So much fun!