Private Walking Tour of the Centre of Bologna with food and wine tastings

Private Walking Tour of the Centre of Bologna with food and wine tastings

3 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Walking excursion in the amazing and historic center of Bologna

The essential experience in Bologna gives you the best insight into its amazing attractions. Join our inspiring guided walking tour of Bologna and discover the most fascinating places of the city, along with tasting local food & wine!

Private Walking activity around the Centre of Bologna highlights: 

  • Fascinating walking tour of Bologna to discover the most interesting landmarks
  • Discover the Piazza Maggiore and the beautiful palaces
  • Visit the majestic basilica of San Petronio and admire its architecture
  • Explore the market streets of Bologna
  • Admire the unique leaning towers of Garisenda and Asinelli

Private Walking activity around the Centre of Bologna

Explore one of the most fascinating destinations of Italy, a city that is mostly known for its food and culture, going back for centuries and featuring a special atmosphere.

Explore the attractions of Bologna with our guided walking tour

Our guided walking tour of Bologna will let you immerse into the most interesting things to see in the city, walking around the historical center of Bologna and understanding its magnificence. You will get to visit the most interesting attractions of Bologna and fall in love with this charming city, discovering its hidden charm.
This is definitely the must to activity in Bologna for anyone visiting and wishing to have a unique Italy experience. Follow our expert guide as you walk and admire the beautiful architecture while learning about the past and present of Bologna.

Discover the impressive landmarks of Piazza Maggiore in Bologna

The exclusive walking tour of Bologna starts from the magnificent Piazza Maggiore, flanked by the most important buildings of the city, a unique space that still preserves its medieval charm. You will admire the beautiful Neptune Fountain and learn about the scandal it provoked when Giambologna chose to carve it in the 16th century. Next, you will pass through the Palazzo del Comune, the city town hall for centuries and featuring beautiful terracotta decorations.
You will admire the inner courtyard and the staircase that connects to the Cappella Farnese, while you can also see an archaeological site under the glass floor of the library. These exceptional landmarks will be among the highlights of our special guided walking tour of Bologna. You will also admire Palazzo Re Enzo, sitting in the same square. It was build back in the 13th century and inside Enzo was held prisoner for 23 years. We will also stop at the imposing San Petronio Basilica of Bologna, with its mysterious façade that is only half finished, with intricate decorations at the base and austere brickwork at the tip.

The "Quadrilatero Market" and food tastings

Next, we will continue through the market streets of Bologna, where you can feel the authentic atmosphere of a real market, admiring the variety of produce and the small traditional stores. You will have the chance to taste 4 different kind of local products with a glass of an excellent local wine.  The guided walking tour of Bologna ends in front of the impressive leaning towers of Garisenda and Asinelli, symbols of Bologna standing at 48 and 97 meters tall. This exceptional tour is one of the most fascinating experiences a traveler can have in Bologna, discovering its most interesting and beautiful attractions.

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