5 Reasons to Visit Tuscany in Autumn

5 Reasons to Visit Tuscany in Autumn

October 29, 2015 Enrico Catani

Fall season has officially begun! From food festivals, amazing weather, fewer crowds and romantic fall colors, this period offers a series of features that makes Tuscany the ideal destination for every traveler.
Given that Tuscany is worth visiting 365 days a year, for boasting a rich historic heritage, culinary traditions and landscapes for all tastes, you’re going to be surprised in discovering that this region is even more beautiful during this season.
ItalyXP gives you 5 good reasons why autumn is the best time to visit Tuscany. But you need to be careful: reading this article will make you want to pack your bags straight away!

5 Reasons to Visit Tuscany in Autumn

1. Wine harvest, tasting and festivals

Autumn in Italy is synonymous with harvest time, especially in Tuscany, where taking part in such an event is a great eXPerience. September and early-October are dedicated mostly to grape harvest to make wine, while late-October is all about olive harvest, to make the renowned extra-virgin.
Even if you don’t have the opportunity to physically take part in this ancient farm tradition, you can take the opportunity to taste the precious result of the harvest with a tour of the wine trails in Chianti, to discover the renowned "Chianti Classico", one of the world’s best known Italian wines (pride of the Chianti region). This wine-focused tour is available also by Vespa or by FIAT 500: aboard those iconic vehicles you will visit the traditional wineries in the region, surrounded by amazing landscapes characterized by rolling hills, vineyards and cypress lined roads. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Florence and treat yourself to a unique experience: a Vespa tour with wine tasting in the beautiful Chianti region. This tour will take you through the heart of Tuscany, where you'll have the chance to visit a local winery, taste some of the region's best wines and learn about the wine-making process. Ride along winding roads surrounded by lush vineyards and stunning scenery, and experience the charm of the Tuscan countryside. Choose between a private or group tour and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on a Vespa, the ultimate symbol of Italian style and freedom.
Furthermore, if you want to have a complete experience of the harvest traditions, don’t miss a Winemaking Tour, which will let you participate in collecting the grapes and bringing them in the baling chamber where you will learn the ancient technique of pressing of the grapes barefoot.

1.	Wine harvest, tasting and festivals

2. Mushrooms and truffles season is back

What’s a better way to enjoy the essence of autumn in Tuscany than by tasting its most genuine flavors? The Tuscan culinary traditions are strictly linked to the season, and they reach their best during fall, with uncountable delights.
From mushrooms to pumpkins, to chestnuts and artichokes, these are only some the many delicious ingredients that accompany the traditional Tuscan recipes in autumn. But the king of the season has to be the truffle: you can taste them in one of the many trattorias, or you can even participate in a truffle-hunting tour, which willgive you the opportunity to explore the amazing countryside around Montalcino with some experts and their truffle-dogs, searching for the truffles (with a gourmet lunch at the end!).
Also, in this season, the so-called “sagre” or food festivals celebrating a local food or wine, spring up all over the region. Those events represent the best way to enjoy the most typical flavors of the Tuscan culinary tradition, as well as local culture and products. And don’t worry, because wherever you are, there is a sagra in almost every town all around Tuscany.

2.	Mushrooms and truffles season is back

3. Perfect time to explore the Tuscan towns

Abroad, the region of Tuscany is mostly renowned for its Capital, Florence, but its true essence lies in the hidden gems dispersed in its spectacular countryside: we are talking about the splendid Tuscan villages with a medieval heritage, built upon the rolling hills that characterize the breathtaking landscape of this region.
The monuments of Siena, the towers of San Gimignano, the fortified walls of Monteriggioni… Those small Tuscan hill towns still conserve the atmosphere of the past, and reveal to the visitors many surprises at every corner for their immense historic and artistic value.
Autumn is the best season to visit the hidden gems of Tuscany, not only for the mild, pleasant weather, but also because there are less tourists around, and that helps to avoid crowds and explore around in tranquility.
If you want to spend a day away from the hectic pace of modern life, don’t miss a day tour to the Tuscan hilltop towns. Note that on your bucket list!
Looking for an authentic Tuscan experience? Look no further than a VIP small group tour in Tuscany that takes you on a journey through the medieval towns of Siena and San Gimignano, with a stop in the Chianti area for a delicious dinner. 
This day trip from Florence to Tuscany is the perfect way to discover the history, nature, and wine of this enchanting region. Stop at Siena to explore the wonders of the Palio town, and then discover San Gimignano, known as the "Medieval Manhattan of Tuscany" for its impressive towers and UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Indulge in a glass of Chianti Classico, pride of Chianti region being one of the world’s best known Italian wines. Don't miss this opportunity to check off a visit to Siena and San Gimignano tour from Florence on your bucket list, and discover the hidden gems of Tuscany's stunning countryside.

3.	Perfect time to explore the Tuscan towns

4. Autumn colors and pleasant weather

One of the nicest features about Tuscany in autumn would definitely be the weather: not so cold such as in winter yet no longer scorching and muggy as in summer. The days are blessed by warm pleasant temperatures, just perfect to take nice, long walks through the picturesque narrow alleys of the Tuscan hilltop towns or along the wonderful countryside, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.
That’s the ideal time also for a nice hiking tour through the green rolling hills of Chianti; a tour by bike, for those who enjoy explore this land on 2 wheels, or even a horse-back riding, for those who wish to stay more in contact with nature!
The fall in Tuscany is also an explosion of colors, with yellow fields and fire-colored trees, making your exploration even more romantic and appealing. Cities and nature get that unmistakable color and the landscapes become beautifully tinged, showing off a breathtaking autumn-colored landscape. You’ve probably already seen tons of photos of the beautiful fall colors in Tuscany, but trust us: you got to experience that in person!

5. Time to relax in hot thermal waters

As the temperatures decrease with the arrival of the fall season there is nothing better than sinking into a natural thermal bath to relax and restore your energy. And that’s even better if it is for free!
Luckily, in Tuscany there is this possibility thanks to therenowned hot thermal springs in Saturnia, a pretty village in an ancient Etruscan site. The hill village is one of the most visited destinations in the Southern part of the region. Everyone can go and hop into the bath, which runs at 37.5 degrees Celsius constantly.
Being free of charge, the Saturnia thermal springs won’t have all the comforts that most of the Spa have, but you’ll experience how pleasant is it to breath the cold air outside while you're relaxing in hot tub!
 Then, there are the Sienese fortress, the Roman gates, and Etruscan walls all over the place to explore later. We definitely recommend a visit!

5.	Time to relax in hot thermal waters

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