Gastronomic eXPerience: exploring truffles in Tuscany

Gastronomic eXPerience: exploring truffles in Tuscany

8 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Tour in Tuscan countryside discovering truffles world

Start the most amazing day tour getting ready for an exclusive Tuscany truffle eXPerience, learning more about these prized products and the wonderful tradition of gathering truffles. The truffle tour of Tuscany will also let you know how this product grows and how to search for it.

Gastronomic activity: Exploring truffles in Tuscany highlights: 

  • Experience the most fascinating day tour into the countryside of Tuscany
  • Discover the world of truffle gathering in Tuscany
  • Learn more about the priceless truffles from an expert seeker
  • Sample a delicious Tuscan gourmet lunch
  • Relax and enjoy your private eXPerience

Gastronomic activity: Exploring truffles in Tuscany

Time to learn about one of the most charming and fascinating traditions of Tuscany, leaving in search for the magical truffles and getting a look behind the secretive doors of this legendary occupation.

Discover the truffle's world in Tuscany

Delight yourself with an activity into the woods of Tuscany, exploring the amazing countryside and gaining a deeper insight into this priceless natural product that Italy is so famous for.
Both an art and an industry, the tradition of truffle searching is passed down from generation to generation and the dogs trained in finding these treasures are extremely sought after. Part of the cultural heritage of Tuscany, a truffle eXPerience is one of the most exciting activities you could try.

Taste a delicious lunch with typical Tuscan food

The day tour also includes a tantalizing lunch with typical gourmet products from Tuscany. This is the perfect day in the forests of Tuscany where you will learn more about this art.
You will begin your journey into the legendary and mysterious world of the truffles with an expert "tartufaio", who will explain how truffles grow in perfect symbiosis with tree roots and how one could know where to look for them.

A true Tuscan eXPerience to learn more about truffle

You will also learn about the important role of the trained truffle dogs, as well as why these products are so desired in the gastronomic world. The truffle experience in Tuscany will provide a different look into the authentic natural ingredients of the region, a unique insight into the secretive world of truffle seekers. It is the perfect thing to do in Tuscany.

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