Day tour by e-bike in Chianti Area from Florence, Siena and San Gimignano with lunch

One Day excursion by Electric Bike around the Chianti Region from Florence, Siena or San Gimignano

7 h
min 30
Eco & Outdoor Activities
difficulty difficile
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Excursion in e-bike in Chianti with lunch and wine tasting

Spend the most pleasant and refreshing day in the beautiful scenery of Chianti region and discover the true charm of Tuscany. Join our amazing Chianti e-bike tour from Florence, Siena or San Gimignano and admire the exceptional landscapes of Tuscany and Chianti.

Day tour by e-bike in Chianti Area from Florence, Siena and San Gimignano with lunch highlights: 

  • Join this incredible e-bike tour in the Chianti region and cycle for one day departing from Florence, Siena or San Gimignano
  • Spend a particular day in Tuscany and sign up for this experience! Immerse yourself in the nature, far away from the main cities
  • Stay active and exercise by cycling in an astonishing natural and cultural area in Chianti region
  • Explore the country roads, vineyards and medieval towns of Tuscany with a specialized guide
  • Enjoy a typical light lunch and a delicious wine tasting in a local winery

It's time to discover the astounding landscapes of Chianti region of Italy with our unique electric bike tour. You will have the pleasure to explore the charming scenery and the fascinating attractions of Chianti with an e-bike.

An electric bike tour to discover some of the best sights of Tuscany

Cycling is one of the best ways to discover the rolling hills and medieval towns of Tuscany. Our exclusive e-bike tour in Chianti will take place in the marvelous landscapes of Tuscany.
Evade the busy streets of the city and get ready for a green and fun adventure in Tuscany, traveling by e-bike and admiring the nature and culture of Chianti.

Explore the Chianti and admire its wonderful landmarks

With its winding roads and rolling hills, the vineyards and small villages, shaded alleys and beautiful towns, Tuscany is the perfect backdrop for an electric bike tour. It is also a good way to stay active and travel with an environmental friendly bike.
Every treasure of Tuscany and Chianti is within your reach and the panoramas you will witness from the seat of your bike are simply unforgettable. Castles, old abbeys and churches, fortresses and the every present green vineyards of the hills are everywhere.

Visit some of the most important places of Chianti

Prepare for the most energetic and captivating journey with this exclusive Chianti Electric Bike Tour. The pleasant route will wander around the beautiful Siena, with views of the most beautiful panoramas in Italy.
The cycling day tour will also include a typical lunch and wine tasting. The experience includes transfer, the electric bikes and all the equipment, as well as an expert tour leader that will guide you through a fascinating itinerary in Chianti.

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