Full day trip to Castel del Monte and Trani from Matera in a small group

Full day trip to Castel del Monte and Trani from Matera in a small group

4 h
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difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided visit of the city of Trani and Castel del Monte departing from Matera

Enjoy a half day trip from Matera to  unmissable stops for any traveler who ventures into Puglia, Trani and the magnificent Castel del Monte, which is surrounded by an aura of mysteries never solved starting from the reason for its construction. A guide will explain you everything!

Excursion to Castel del Monte and Trani from Matera by minivan highlights: 

  • Depart on a minivan and reach Castel del Monte comfortably from Matera
  • Enjoy this walking tour accompanied by an expert guide
  • Visit Trani, one of the main Apulian cities
  • Admire the panorama of the Alta Murgia Park
  • Share the experience with a small group of travelers

Excursion to Castel del Monte and Trani from Matera by minivan

Visit Castel del Monte, the most important monument of imperial Puglia. A few kilometers from Andria, a place with origins shrouded in mystery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Leave from Matera for Trani in a comfortable minivan

Take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity to visit Trani, one of the most important and fascinating cities of Southern Italy. Your excursion will begin with the departure from Matera in a comfortable minivan that will take you directly to Trani where you will meet an expert and qualified local guide. The guide will lead you on the tour and will provide you with stories and explanations of what you will see so as to make the beauty that will be revealed before your eyes even more exciting and interesting. You will admire the imposing Cathedral of Trani in white stone and stroll around the picturesque alleys of the city centre. After the guided tour of Trani, you will depart by minivan to reach a beautiful masseria where you will have a food tasting of delicious local products. 

Visit Castel del Monte

After lunch, it will be time for the next destination: Castel del Monte, which you will visit with your expert guide. Built by Federico II of Swabia, the Castle is a crown made out of stones resting on a hill 542 meters above sea level and has been included since 1996 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. To guide the construction of the Castle was the number eight plainly visible in the octagonal floorplan which contributes to creating precise symmetries of lights during the days of equinox and solstice.
There are eight rooms on the ground floor, with a trapezoidal plan, eight the rooms on the first floor as well as eight are the octagonal towers arranged on the eight corners. All this desired correlation between numerology, mysticism and esotericism has contributed to fueling an aura of mystery and symbolism that still fascinates historians today. The first suggested hypothesis, that of the military function of the fortress, is denied by the lack of a moat or of an ancient wall belt. Architecturally it represents a very fine example of the genius of its builder and is in all respects a heritage of priceless beauty and charm.
Numerous are the functions that it has covered throughout history: among others, the wedding place of the daughter of Federico II, Violante and subsequently prison. In 1528 it was devastated and bombed by a contingent of Frenchmen, it was sold and abandoned later on. Repurchased by the Italian state, it was entirely restored and returned to its former glory. So take your camera and get ready to take unforgettable panoramas, symmetrical images between nature and man's work.

 Share this unmissable experience

If traveling alone discourages you, this half day walking tour with transfer included is the experience for you! This type of organized excursion offers numerous advantages including that of participating in an event in small groups suitable for any age and any type of traveler. You will not have to worry or stress about organizing tickets, travel and company. We take good care of everything!

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