Full day tour from Rome to Verona by high speed train

Full day tour from Rome to Verona by high speed train

14 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included Immediate confirmation

Day trip from Rome to Verona by high speed train, hop-on hop-off bus tickets included

Grab this opportunity to travel from Rome to the romantic city of Romeo and Juliet in Verona for a day. Arriving at Verona in the morning by high speed train, hop onto the hop on – off bus to tour the city. Do not miss the largest piazza in Italy at Piazza Bra

Day transfer by high-speed train from Rome to Verona and back highlights: 

  • Depart from Rome for a day tour to Verona
  • Enhoy the comfort of a high speed train
  • Visit Juliet’s Tomb at Via Pallone Tomba Giulietta
  • Climb up Santuario Madonna di Lourdes for a spectacular view of Verona
  • Pass through the modern Verona’s Corso Porta Nuova

Day transfer by high-speed train from Rome to Verona and back

On this day tour you will be leaving from Rome Railway Station and arriving at Porta Nuova railway station in Verona during the morning, to enjoy a full day in one of the most romantic cities of Italy! Hop on the bus either on Route A or B to discover more of Verona and then take the train back to Rome in the late afternoon. 

High-speed train from Rome

Your day tour will depart in the early morning from Rome Railway Station: in few hours you will reach the stunning city of Verona. The high speed train is the fastest and probably the most comfortable way to travel throughout Italy. You will just have to ralax during the journey, enjoying the beautiful panoramas by your window. As soon as you arrive in Verona you can immediately get on the hop-on hop-off buses, that will take you to the centre and will allow you to stop whenever you want to visit the main attractions. Bus tickets are included in the tour! 

Verona – city of Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s famous play was set in Verona, Romeo and Juliet. Discover the history of Verona as you tour around with the hop on-off bus, passing through monumental buildings and structures. The bus will stop at Corso Porta Nuova, Pizza Pozza, Castelvecchio, Piazza Bra, Via Pallone Tomba Giuletta, Via G Gusti, S. Stefano Teatro Romano and Santuario Madonna di Lourdes.Castelvecchio is one of the most important military constructions during the middle ages, built in red bricks with Gothic architecture and the Castelvecchio Bridge is still attached to it. Now acting as a Museum, come and learn the long history of Castelvecchio throughout centuries. The segmental arch Castelvecchio Bridge structure is the world’s largest.

Piazza Bra and Arena

Piazza Bra is the largest piazza in Italy. Used to be the Verona Arena, ancient amphitheatre built 2000 years ago, is now a venue for world famous music festivals and performances. Not far is the Gran Guardia and the Palazzo Barbieri, Verona’s townhall. Piazza Bra is the largest piazza of Italy and do not miss the hype and lively atmospheric of the Veronese. And you cannot certainly miss the colorful Piazza delle Erbe, one of the most elegant part of the city, rich in historic buildings, ancient hisotry and shops and cafès. 
Your day tour will then end by taking the high speed train back to Rome in the afternoon. 

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