Private Transportation by Water Taxi from the Lido to Venice Airport

Private Transfer by Water Taxi from the Lido to Venice Airport

1 h
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Immediate confirmation

Private Transfer service by Water Taxi from Lido Hotels to Venice Airport

Our private transfer service by water taxi will take you from the Venice Lido Island to theMarco Polo Airport (the airport of Venice). Aboard our comfortable water taxi you willcross the Venetian Lagoon to get to the airport in time to catch your flight, without any stress or delay.

Private Transportation by Water Taxi from the Lido to Venice Airport highlights: 

  • Meet your personal driver directly at your hotel or in its vicinity
  • Travel aboard a reliable water taxi crossing the splendid Venetian Lagoon
  • Reach the Marco Polo Airport in total comfort, avoiding stress and delays
  • The best way to reach the airport of Venice, departing from the Venice Lido Island

With this private transfer service by water taxi you can easily reach the Venice Lido, departing from the Venice airport, avoiding stress and delay. You will meet your private driver directly at your accommodation or, if you prefer, in closest dock. From there, you will travel aboard a comfortable water taxi to reach your destination in time.

A private transfer, departing from the Venice Lido, to the airport of Venice

The Venice Lido (“Lido di Venezia” in Italian) is one of the largest islands among those that make up the archipelago of Venice. It is an 11 kilometers (7 miles) long sandbar, which separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. It has become universally-famous because it is home to some of the most famous buildings in the city, such as the Casinò and the Cinema Palace (venue of the renowned “Venice Film Festival”), as well as several luxury hotels. 
However, reaching the airport of Venice from the island of the Lido can be difficult, as public transport is often unreliable: the easiest and safest way to leave the Lido is to book this private transfer.

Travel aboard a comfortable water taxi through the Venetian Lagoon

With this private transfer you can travel from Venice Lido tothe Venice Airport in complete serenity. Your personal driver will wait directly at your hotel’s dock, or (if your hotel doesn’t have a private dock) to the closest dock to your accommodation.
Then, you will travel through the splendid Venetian Lagoon aboard a water taxi, to get in total comfort to the Marco Polo Airport, in time for your next flight.

The best way to get from the Venice Lido to the airport of Venice

Choose this private transfer service if you want to reach the airport of Venice, departing from the Venice Lido Island. Travel aboard a comfortable and fast water taxi, avoiding problems or delays typical of public transport.