2-day tour of Venice departing from Florence by high speed train

2-day tour of Venice departing from Florence by high speed train

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2-day visit of Venice with vaporetto tickets included, from Florence

Depart from Florence and become a Venetian for 2 whole days while visiting important tourist attractions in your own privacy, and find out how it feels like to live in Venice!

2-day exploring the canals of Venice departing from Florence highlights: 

  • Depart comfortably from Florence and reach Venice with an high speed train
  • Take advantage of one night stay in Venice at a 4* hotel located in the heart of the city
  • Explore all of Venice’s main attractions on your own, deciding by yourself which attractions you want to see the most
  • Travel with the Vaporetto by using your 2-day ticket to reach your centrally located hotel
  • Enjoy the art, culture and leisure that is suitable for all tastes while you can also take part in regular sightseeing tours departing from Venice

2-day exploring the canals of Venice departing from Florence

Take this unique chance to enrich your stay in Florence with two days in one of the most beautiful city in the world! You will eXPerience the Venetian romance in all of its glory while you think about all the other lovers who used to take the same route as you.  

Transport Yourself to and In Venice

There is no better way to reach Venice than by a high-speed train from Florence; a service included in this 2-day tour. Enjoy sightseeing while reaching Venice, getting a broader image of Italy. Enjoy using your 2-day ticket of the Vaporetto to reach your 4-star hotel, with B&B service.
Transport yourself into a world of refinement and architectural wonders by making use of the Vaporetto card and go towards places that your heart desires, such as the Piazza San Marco, Doge's Palace or the Rialto

Discover Venice on your Own Two-Day Tour

Venice is a wonderful city and one of the main tourist attractions in the world. Capture all of Venice’s most important sites while you walk around the city. Find yourself in the famous Piazza San Marco square and take a closer look upon Basilica San Marco (Saint Mark’s Basilica), a famous church renowned for the intricate artwork and history.
Step inside and learn about its history and be in awe of the mosaics of the basilica. Take your lover for a romantic ride in the gondola and pass under Ponte Dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), where legend says that couples who kiss on the gondola while passing beneath the bridge will be granted eternal love.

Relax in a 4-Star Hotel in Central Venice

Retreat after a long day of visiting Venice and enjoy your night in the 4-star hotel with B&B (Bed and Breakfast) services. Enjoy the services provided by the accommodation and relish a relaxing night in the privacy of your own double room.
You can step outside and visit the surroundings while enjoying the night breeze or you can recharge your batteries by sleeping in utmost comfort until the morning comes.

Other eXPeriences from Florence

If you are in Florence, having a short time but you want to visti Venice, do not miss the Day Tour with high-speed train from Florence to Venice.