2 Days in Venice, with guided tours and gondola ride

2 Days in Venice, with guided tours and gondola ride

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2 days excursion around the best of Venice and Murano

Take advantage of this opportunity to visit Venice on this unique tour. You will experience Venice on foot and in a gondola ride tour on a two-day Venice visit of the most famous landmarks in the city, including St. Mark’s square, Ducal Palace, the Basilica, and the northern Lagoon Islands!

2 Days in Venice, with guided visits and fantastic gondola ride highlights: 

  • Admire the beautiful views of this unique city that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year
  • Visit the impressive landmarks of this great city, such as the Basilica, Ducal Palace, or St. Mark’s square
  • Take the time to see everything on a visit to Venice on foot, so you don’t miss any of the incredible details
  • Enjoy a gondola ride tour of the city of Venice, a feature unique to this city
  • Take a trip to the breathtaking northern Lagoon Island, a beauty of nature worthy of being admired

2 Days in Venice, with guided visits and fantastic gondola ride

Make the best out of your time in Venice, with this 2 days long combination of tours, including transfer on arrival and departure at the Venice Marco Polo Airport!

Day 1 - Discover Venice on Foot for Beautiful Architecture

On the first day, at 9 am, you can start your fascinating Venice on foot tour, where you have the opportunity to discover the many gems of Venetian architecture. The landmarks one can see here are absolutely beautiful, full of historical, cultural, and artistic value. Places like the St. Mark’s Square, the Ducal Palace, or the Basilica will leave a lasting impression that will remain with you for years to come.  Venice is truly a unique city, and you will be bound to enjoy this short, but meaningful visit.

Take a Gondola Ride Tour of Venice

Later in the afternoon, at 2:45 pm, you can hop into a gondola and take a gondola ride tour of the city. This is definitely a change of perspective from the first part of the journey, and it is a unique and unusual way to ride. Whereas most cities offer tour buses, Venice allows you to take advantage of their beautiful gondolas for a trip unlike any other you have been on before. Explore Venice from this extraordinary point of view and compare and contrast the different experiences. It is, indeed, the same city, but still, on a gondola ride tour, so much is different about it. Put on a beret and a Breton shirt and enjoy the ride.

Day 2 - Admire the Unique Venice Lagoon Island

One of the most incredible and appreciated parts of this Venice tour awaits you on the second day. The northern Lagoon Island excursion starts at 2 pm, and it lasts 4 full hours, during which you are free to admire this beautiful piece of nature, unfolding right before your very eyes. There aren’t many lagoons to be seen in Europe, and the Venice Lagoon Islands, with Murano, Burano and Torcello, is special in that it has recently been named by Europa Nostra the most endangered site in Europe. Don’t miss it, as it is an essential part of Venice

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