Music and theatre experience in the heart of Venice

Music and theatre experience in the heart of Venice

1 h
min 20
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Music and theatre amazing show in the center of Venice

Come to discover an emotional side of Venice: a music and theatre show which combines comedy, entertainment and historical fact that let you live a funny experience and a different nice day!

Music and theatre activity, for art lovers, in the heart of Venice highlights: 

  • Watch a music and theatre live show in Venice
  • Enjoy another wonderful different side of the city
  • Discover Venice's traditions
  • Don't miss an excellent ensemble presenting the glorious history and culture of Venice
  • Spend a night out in Venice with an experience perfect for all ages

Music and theatre activity, for art lovers, in the heart of Venice

In this wonderful music and theatre show, you will live a unique experience during your vacation in Venice. The live show will certainly come to be a different way to discover more of the history and traditions of Venice and have a few laughs along the way.

A unique experience in Venice 

Enjoy a live show in Venice, a revolutionizing way to learn the enchanting history and traditions of Venice!
You will reach the San Gallo Theatre, an historical building in the very centre of Venice. The theatre is in the perfect position, right beside St. Mark's Basilica, to allow you to explore the wonderful city after the show.
You can stroll around the tiny alleys of Venice, while the light of the night comes over, giving to the city on the Lagoon its unique allure.

Theatre and tradition 

This unique, live show, comes as is a unique way to  combine both Venice traditions and fun. You will in fact surely have some laughs along the way of this performance.
Let this unique combination composed by enjoyable and amusing theatrical entertainment, together with comedy, historical fact, fiction. All performed with fine acting and integrated use of multi media that does not exist anywhere else. As we promised, a unique experience in Venice.
Counting now over 1500 performances delivered over three and a half years, the show that you will attend has become the longest running show in Italy, ever! 

A nice alternative

This Music adn Theatre show in Venice is the result of a long lasting tradition, that results in a unique, charming experience. You will enrich your stay in Venice with an exclusive activity, building some unforgettable memories of your travel.
Choose this representation if you are looking for something different, something right for all ages and for everyone who is looking for a night out and to discover more about the city of the Lagoon.
The cast of five that composes the group of performer, will realise a really big, spectacular show, thanks to their exuberant performances and the amazing surround projections!

Other experiences 

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