Group Tour of Murano to discover the glass production techniques

Group Tour of Murano to discover the glass production techniques

2 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided visit around the fantastic and charming Murano Island

This 2 hour special tour will take you to discover the amazing island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. Murano is famously known for its glass making. The attractive colourful lightweight Murano glass has been hand crafted by Venetian artisans for more than 1000 years.

Group activity of Murano to discover the glass production techniques highlights: 

  • Book our excursion to the island of Murano by boat with our tour guide for a 2-hour tour session in the Venice Lagoon
  • Come and visit the world famous glassmaking island
  • Enjoy your visit being mesmerised by some of Venice best enchanting glass craftsmen at work
  • Discover the 1,000 years old ritual of the traditional glass making that has been kept for centuries
  • Grab this chance to purchase the authentic hand crafted glass jewellery, sculptures, centrepieces, mirrors or simply admire the stunning collections of chandeliers

Group activity of Murano to discover the glass production techniques

Our excursion to the island of Murano will either be in the morning or after lunch time. Complete with transportation and fully equipped knowledgeable guide, it will be a special day for you. 

Islands of Murano

Murano is known for its colourful attractive handcrafted glass and the main producer of glass in Europe in the 12th century. Its landmark is the Church of Santa Maria e San Donato, known for its Byzantine mosaics and boast of housing the bones of the dragon that was slain by Saint Donatus. Campo Santo Stefano square has a blue glass starburst sculpture next to the Church of St. Stephens and its Century Clock Tower. For more mediaeval glasswork, you can find them in the Museo del Vetro that is housed in the large Palazzo Giustinian.

Murano Glass Shop

It is not surprising to see many glass shops as you walk down the streets of Murano. There are examples of traditional Murano’s glassmaking being exhibited around Fondamenta dei Vetrai, where your knowledgeable guide will take you to experience Murano’s finest work. There are many fake glasses from China that has been sold as Murano glass. Our guide will explain in detail how to have a keen eye on details and differentiate the fake from the authentic original Murano glass.

The traditional Murano glass making

Get to see and explore the century’s old ritual of traditional glass making in Murano, specializing in fancy glasswares. The Murano glass has significant Arabic and Asian influence as Venice was a major trading port. It was in the 12th century that the contribution of Murano glass became the largest proportion of the Venetian glass. As Europe evolved in art and fashion, Murano glassmakers began to adapt to the fashions, creating crystalline glass, enamelled glass, aventurine, multi-coloured glass, gemstones imitation. Although there are more advanced technologies to aid glassmakers, the artisans of Murano are still employing the centuries-old techniques crafting from art glass to glass figurines to Murano glass chandeliers and wine stoppers, making the islands of Murano a favourite spot to shop for tourist souvenirs.

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