Cooking class in Florence: how to cook Italian meatballs

Cooking class in Florence: how to cook Italian meatballs

2 h
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Learn how to cook Italian Meatballs with dinner in Florence

A cooking class to learn how to make Italian meatballs famous all over the world. If you want to discover the skills and techniques on how to make real Italian meatballs, sign up for this cooking lesson in Florence, after which you will enjoy a delicious dinner.

All the secrets about Italian meatballs revealed: Cooking Lesson in Florence highlights: 

  • A cooking class to make Italian Meatballs in Florence
  • Find out how to prepare different types of savory organic meatballs
  • Learn how to select fresh ingredients from the chef to make the best Italian meatballs
  • Choose the various cooking menus that varies between a mixture of meat, fish and vegetables and all menu can be serve in gluten free products
  • Relish in the fruits of your labor as we prepare to devour our cooking lessons with baked focaccia bread

All the secrets about Italian meatballs revealed: Cooking Lesson in Florence

Enjoy yourself with a little fun learning how to cook authentic Italian meatballs with our local certified chef in Florence, who is both an instructor as well as a cookbook author. In this cooking lesson, you will learn the different types of preparation on cooking different savory meatballs. Using only fresh organic ingredients, you can also choose between a combination of meat, fish and vegetable.

Mouth-watering Italian Meatballs

Tie on an apron and roll up your sleeves for a hands-on cooking class, focusing on the delicious Italian specialty of meatballs. There are many varieties of Italian meatballs, so in this lesson in Florence, you will learn how to prepare different types of savory organic meatballs. Selecting between the meat, fish and vegetable or all three, you will learn how to make and prepare three delicious dishes.

Highly-Certified Chef

Ever wonder how to cook extra soft and juicy meatballs yet it doesn't fall apart? Take part to this cooking lesson where our highly achieving chef will teach you the skills and techniques on how to make the real Italian meatballs. This chef will chat with you on how to prepare the traditional dishes of the Italian cuisines. Part of the cooking class is that you will learn how to select the freshest ingredient for the meatballs. Working with only organic ingredients, you will learn how to make the meatballs from scratch. Plus a bonus: you will learn how to make oven-baked focaccia bread!

Eat what you cook with focaccia bread

Once everything is out of the oven and off the stove, settle down to enjoy the meal you've prepared, and accompanied by regional Italian wine to wash it all down as it is in the Italian culture. After the hard work, there will be time for pleasure: taste your dishes along with other specialties and enjoy this time in Florence with the other participants.

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