Exclusive Cooking Class in the beautiful city of Siena

Exclusive Cooking Class in the beautiful city of Siena

8 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Amazing exclusive Cooking Lesson in the fantastic city of Siena

Experience the true meaning of Tuscan cuisine with this amazing cooking class in Tuscany, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the Italian recipes. Spend a day making the most delicious Tuscan meal, followed by a meal accompanied by the delicious Tuscan wine.

Exclusive Cooking Lesson in the fantastic city of Siena highlights: 

  • Join this unique cooking experience in Tuscany
  • Learn more about the typical Tuscan cuisine and how to prepare the perfect Italian meal
  • This private cooking class takes place or Siena city centre or in the Tuscan countryside
  • Taste the delicious recipes you made and sample the great house wine
  • Visit some of the most beautiful attractions of Tuscany

Exclusive Cooking Lesson in the fantastic city of Siena

Enter the magical and unbelievable land of the gastronomic delights in Tuscany, learning and sampling the best of the Tuscan cuisine.

Taste the Tuscan cuisine in Siena or in the Tuscan countryside

This gastronomic eXPerience takes place either in the countryside of Tuscany OR in the center of Siena itself, a complete introduction to the most authentic Italian dishes, a true food for the soul, accompanied by the famous Tuscan wines.

A cooking class to lear the best Tuscan dishes

Join this fantastic eXPerience for a day of adventure into the world of cooking and explore the flavors of Tuscany. This is a unique experiential cooking class for both beginners in the cuisine art, but also for chefs who wish to add some typical Tuscan knowledge to their craft.
The cooking lesson in Tuscany takes place in either an organic farm around the Crete Senesi hills or in a cooking school right in the center of Siena. The eXPerience include a welcoming atmosphere and the professional Italian chefs that will teach you everything. You will have everything you need in order to make a complete full course of Italian recipes, including fresh traditional ingredients and the priceless instructions of the head chef.

A cooking classe with a delicious tasting of Tuscan recipes

This is a hands-on cooking class in Tuscany, so you will learn by doing, preparing delicious things like appetizers, pasta, meat dish and more. This would be pointless if you would not get a chance to taste everything you made, accompanied by the delicious house wine, a chance to talk and know other people, as well as to deepen your knowledge about the Italian cuisine. Delve into this wonderful and tantalizing world and join this exclusive eXPerience.

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