Tuscany Tour to Rosia and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia

Tuscany Tour to Rosia and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia

2 h
Eco & Outdoor Activities
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Tuscany visit to Rosia and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia

With our unique tour of Rosia you will discover one of the most hidden and least known areas of Tuscany, surrounded by natural and architectural wonders. Visit the charming village of Rosia, the Pia Bridge and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia, following the old road that leads from Siena to the Maremma.

Tuscany experience to Rosia and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia highlights: 

  • A magical journey through the medieval roads
  • Admire this impressive land, characterized by limestone gorge and green rolling hills
  • Let us tell you about the breathtaking love story of Pia dei Tolomei
  • Discover the Gothic remains of the Hermitage of Saint Lucia
  • Feel the beauty of this landscape, praised in Dante’s verses and in the 14th century literature

Tuscany experience to Rosia and the Hermitage of Santa Lucia

This exciting tour will take you to discover an ancient and little-known area of Tuscany, yet still full of charm and beauty. The first stop of the excursion will be Rosia, a small village built around an ancient church and a castle. A mysterious place that weaves its history with that of Pia de’ Tolomei, Sienese noblewoman also mentioned in the Divine Comedy.
The tour to Rosia continues on an abandoned stretch of a medieval road that once led to the Maremma. Here, the path is rugged, closed in the limestone gorge of the Rosia River. Here, we will cross the Ponte della Pia (Pia Bridge), a historic bridge with a single round arch whose origins date back to Roman times.
We will continue our journey through the old mule, still partly paved, until we will reach a the imposing ruins of the Hermitage of Santa Lucia, built before the 1.200 and abandoned after the 1.500: a place of great interest full of mysterious stories and legends.
Join this excursion in the heart of Tuscany and eXPerience this hidden lovely area surrounded by nature, culture and history.

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