Tuscany Excursion around the landscapes of Montemaggio (Mount May)

Tuscany Excursion around the landscapes of Montemaggio (Mount May)

5 h
Eco & Outdoor Activities
difficulty impegnativo
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Tuscany amazing experience to Montemaggio (Mount May)

Join this exciting hike tour through the forest that surrounds the town of Monteriggioni, to the top of the Montemaggio. Here you will discover the ruins of the circular Castellare, the Romanesque Chapel of Nagli, the red landscape of Siena and other natural and architectural treasures of Tuscany.

Tuscany amazing activity to Montemaggio (Mount May) highlights: 

  • Discover this seemingly inaccessible accessible, around the town of Monteriggioni.
  • Feel the scent of the woods and breathe the incomparable fresh mountain air.
  • Let our expert guide take you from the characteristic red farmhouses of Siena to lots of historical artifacts.
  • Admire the magnificent views of the Elsa Valley and the rolling hills of Volterra.
  • Explore this enchanting area: a Tuscany’s gem, outside of the traditional tourist routes.

Tuscany amazing activity to Montemaggio (Mount May)

This amazing tour for nature lovers will take you to discover the Montemaggio (Mount) and the many historical sites located around it. Starting your from Monteriggioni you will explore the woods along with our expert guide and walk through a smooth dirt road that goes up the northern slope of Montagnola Senese mountain range.
From the highest point of the Montemaggio starts a pedestrian path, initially steep but not too strenuous. Considered a volcano in the past, Montemaggio is actually a limestone mountain, filled with caves and crevices in the ground from which you can sometimes feel a slight draft.
Our tour to Montemaggio continues through the Tuscan forest, where you will be able to admire the characteristic rust color of Siena earth (also known as “Sienna clay”). In addition, you will visit some architectural treasures, such as the ruins of Castellare (castle territory) and the Chapel of Nagli, an old ruined church hidden in the vegetation.
Along the route we will run into old abandoned farm houses, stone walls and charcoal pitches: all traces of an ancient civilization that used to live in this territory, which you can discover with our amazing tour to Montemaggio, in the heart of Tuscany.

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