Master class in Turin to become a “Senior Turin Taster”

Master class in Turin to become a “Senior Turin Taster”

2 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Master Class in Turin discovering the local cuisine and wine

Enjoy an enogastronomic tour with a Piedmontese cuisine expert guide in Turin. Live an eXPerience at Porta Palazzo in Turin the largest open-air European market and taste the aperitif dishes and wine.

Master class in Turin to become a “Senior Turin Taster” highlights: 

  • Immerse yourself in the Piedmontese culinary tradition
  • Get a shopping eXPerience in the Porta Palazzo market
  • Become a Senior Taster in Turin
  • Learn the Piedmontese wine tradition
  • Taste the local food in Turin

Master class in Turin to become a “Senior Turin Taster”

Join this a small-group tour focused on Piedmontese enogastronomy and discover the local cuisine products and delicacies. Be prepared to become an Italian "Senior Torinese Tasters".

Master Class in Turin

Booking this tour, you will learn the peculiarities of local products and you will have to show your facilities in buying at the best value for money at the market stalls of Porta Palazzo in Turin, the largest open-air market in Europe. During this particular master class, your Piedmontese cuisine expert operator will check the products you bought at the market, introducing you to Piedmontese culinary art. Do not forget to bring your shopping bag along with you!

Have a typical food tasting in Turin

At the end of this particular eXPerience, you will get the certificate of "Piedmontese senior taster": it will show what you learned during the tasting lesson! Depending on the products collected in the market of Porta Palazzo in Turin, you may taste the dishes prepared according to the Piedmontese cuisine tradition

Join this Piedmontese eXPerience

So, if you are passionate about local food and wine, book this Piedmontese enogastronomic eXPerience and became expert taster. Present yourself at Piazza Palazzo in Turin and discover the history of local products, enjoy a wine tasting lesson and taste the Piedmontese dishes during a master course. Finally, you'll get a certificate of participation and we will celebrate you with a final brindisi.

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