Private Walking Tour of the historic center of Catania

Private Walking Tour of the historic center of Catania

4 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Accesible

Guided Tour of Catania around the best places of the city

Considering its status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city Catania cannot be missed on a private tour. Full of history and ancient monuments, this city was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Sicily always, and today boasts a rich cultural and architectural heritage to be discovered.

Private Guided Tour of Catania historical centre and main attractions highlights: 

  • Admire the Roman amphitheater located in Piazza Stesicoro
  • Witness Via Crociferi, one of the most beautiful baroque streets
  • Get the opportunity to take pictures of the extraordinary Teatro Massimo
  • Admire the Piazza Duomo and the majestic monuments around it
  • Visit the interior of the Ursino Castle, home of the Museum of Catania

Private Guided Tour of Catania historical centre and main attractions

Get ready to discover the wonderful city of Catania, one of the most fascinating destinations in Sicily, with our exciting private walking tour.

Ancient is always more delightful

The private tour starts in the middle of Piazza Stesicoro. Between the University and the Via Bellini, you will see the remains of the Roman amphitheater of Catania. The area that is enclosed may seem pretty small, but the construction built in the 3rd century was huge.
History data proves that in its days of glory, the amphitheater offered space for 16,000 spectators. After this, you will reach Via Crociferi, one of Catania’s most beautiful streets. This street is known for its gorgeous baroque style. Along Via Etnea, you can witness the University of Catania.

Admire the most exquisite monuments of Catania

The private tour continues to Piazza Vicenzo Bellini. Tucked between Via Port’ Alba, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Music Conservatory, Piazza Bellini has a vibe like nowhere else in the city. Most of the artists in Catania gather here and organize artistical and cultural events.
The most famous monument existent there is Teatro Massimo, Palermo’s dominant opera house. It was built in the 19thcentury, and it was completely restored in 1997. Moving on, you will arrive in Piazza Duomo, where you will immediately spot the elephant symbol of the city.

Discover the Ursino Castle

Moving on to the next monument, in our private tour,you will see the Ursino Castle, also known as the CastelloSvevo di Catania. The building was constructed in the 13th century, forroyal purposes. For a period, it was declared the castle of the Kingdom of Sicily.
Famous thanks to its role in the Sicilian Vespers, the Ursino Castle became the home of the Sicilian Parliament. Nowadays, the castle is still in a wonderful condition. You can visit the castle that is now open to the public as a museum. Artifacts and artwork are housed in the castle, making it a must-see location. These items represent the diverse influences of the Sicilians.