Excursion on the Mount Etna, with visit to the Isola Bella and Taormina from Catania

Excursion on the Mount Etna, with visit to the Isola Bella and Taormina from Catania

9 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Day tour and visit to the Mount Etna, Isola Bella and Taormina

Experience the true magnificence of Etna with this amazing experience in Sicily. Visit the craters, the lava flows and the lava caves of Etna, sample the products of famous organic farm and explore the beautiful town of Taormina, all in this splendid tour of Etna and Taormina.

Tour on the Mount Etna, with visit to Taormina and the Isola Bella from Catania highlights: 

  • Discover the amazing sights of Mount Etna
  • Learn the history of past eruptions of the Etna volcano
  • Admire the unique panoramas of Sicily from the top of Etna
  • Visit the idyllic wildlife reserve of the Isola Bella
  • Explore the fascinating attractions of Taormina

Tour on the Mount Etna, with visit to Taormina and the Isola Bella from Catania

Start the most wonderful journey into the soul of Sicily, an unforgettable eXPerience that will show you the beauty of the island and its amazing cultural heritage.

Visit the most fascinating attractions of Mount Etna

You will be picked up from your hotel in Catania, and driven up the splendid Mount Etna to a "Rifugio" at almost 2000 meters. The tour of Etna and Taormina will be the ultimate activity in Sicily, allowing travelers to uncover the history of Etna and its eruptions, as well as the stunning panoramas from the mountain.
Up on Mount Etna, you will have two options to explore the sights. You can either take the nature path to 2000 meters, doing some trekking to admire the landscape or you can buy on the spot the excursion " Etna on Top" which will take you up to 3000mt.

Admire the astonishing panoramas from the heights of Etna

You will be able to admire the very heights of the mountain with the optional excursion, where you can visit the unbelievable craters of Etna. You will also get to admire the panorama of Etna all the way down to the sea, an outstanding sight. The tour of Etna continues back down to the "Rifugi", where you will visit a fascinating lava cave with helmets and torches.
You will also have the unique opportunity to visit the famous organic farm Zafferana, where you will get to sample the most delicious traditional products like honey and wine. This amazing eXPerience continues towards the beautiful town of Taormina.

Discover the most famous sights of Taormina

On the way to Taormina, you will stop for an enchanting visit of the “Isola Bella”, an idyllic wildlife reserve that is connected to the coast by a thin strip of sand. You will admire the stunning beauty of this place and have the chance to swim in the clear blue water. The next stop will be the charming town of Taormina, discovering its most fascinating and beautiful attractions.
The tour of Taormina will give you the chance to admire the highlights of this spectacular destination, including the Corvaja Palace, the Old Theatre, the Clock Tower, the Fortress Cathedral, the Duke of St. Stephen Palace and many more. You will also get the chance to buy a nice souvenir in the most famous shopping streets of Taormina. At the end, you will return to Catania.

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