Excursion on the Mount Etna from Catania, with snorkeling in the sea of Aci Castello

Excursion on the Mount Etna from Catania, with snorkeling in the sea of Aci Castello

7 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Tour of Etna Volcano and snorkeling in Aci Castello

Visit the spectacular sights of the Etna volcano and admire the unique panoramas of Sicily from its heights. Join this tour of Etna and discover the most interesting attractions, visiting the craters and lava flows. Uncover the hidden undersea landscapes formed by the Etna eruptions.

Excursion on the Mount Etna, with snorkeling in the sea of Aci Castello highlights: 

  • Amazing tour of Mount Etna and its enchanting attractions
  • Admire the stunning panoramas from the top of volcano
  • Sample the delicious products of Zafferana organic farm
  • Discover the spectacular lava flows under the sea at Aci Castello
  • Enjoy some snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Sicily

Excursion on the Mount Etna, with snorkeling in the sea of Aci Castello

What could be better to discover the magical beauty of Sicily than a tour of Mount Etna and its surrounding area, admiring stunning landscapes and learning about stories and legends connected to this majestic volcano?

Discover the stunning landscapes and panoramas of Etna

This Etna and Sea tour will take you through the most impressive sights of Etna and allow you to explore its attractions right from its heart. The unique Italy experience starts with a transfer from your hotel to the Rifugio Sapienza, located at almost 2000 meters up Mount Etna, stopping along the way to take in the stunning panoramas from Etna to the valleys below.
You will also learn about history of the last eruptions of the Etna volcano, visiting the sites and the old Silvestri Craters.

Visit the inspiring attractions of Mount Etna

The exclusive Etna and the Sea Tour will offer you two options to continue up from Rifugio Sapienza. You can take the active and adventurous way and do some trekking along one of the nature paths of Parco dell’Etna, to about 2000 meters, admiring the scenery along the way, or you can take the easy but more spectacular option.
You can continue this splendid activity in Sicily by taking the cable car up to 2500 meters and continue with the 4x4 minibuses to 2900 meters, where you will find yourself in front of the unbelievable panorama around the volcano down to the sea, having the opportunity to visit the Etna craters and lava flows. Returning to Rifugio Sapienza, you will also get to visit a lava cave with torches and helmets.

Visit an enchanting organic farm and explore the splendid lava sea beds

Descending from the dazzling heights of Mount Etna, you will have the privilege to visit the famous Zafferana organic farm, sampling some of their most delicious fresh products like honey and wine. At the end of the unforgettable tour of Etna, you will go down to the sea to visit the enchanting lava sea beds of Aci Castello in the Marine Protected Area of Isola dei Ciclopi.
Using the snorkeling equipment, you will get the unique chance to admire the ancient eruptions of Etna, with impressive volcanic rock formations and typical flora and fauna.

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