Segway Tour around the Molentargius Pond, in Cagliari

Segway Tour around the Molentargius Pond, in Cagliari

3 h
min 30
Tours on wheels
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Activity of Molentargius Pond in Segway, from Cagliari

Our unique Segway Tour will give you the opportunity to explore the splendid pond of Molentargius, with no effort and in total relax. Get on your comfortable Segway and, accompanied by an accredited guide, get ready to admire breathtaking natural landscapes and pink colonies of Sardinian flamingos.

Segway excursion around the Molentargius Pond, in Cagliari highlights: 

  • Explore the beautiful Park of Molentargius riding an eco-friendly Segway
  • Discover the ruins of the old Sea-salt Factory with your accredited guide
  • Admire the elegant pink flamingos that dot the vast pond of Molentargius
  • Smoothly ride your Segway along the splendid seaside lane
  • Enjoy a drink at your choice at the beach, before returning back to Cagliari

Segway excursion around the Molentargius Pond, in Cagliari

Our unique Segway Tour will take you to the discovery of the Pond of Molentargius: a splendid natural area, located within the sunny town of Cagliari. A fun-filled and eco-friendly experience by Segway that will offer you breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Admire the gorgeous pond of the Molentargius Park

The Natural Park of Molentargius is really unique, because of the presence of fresh and saltwater basins that host plants of rare beauty and unique species of animals, including the wonderful pink flamingos, elegant birds that live in colonies on this vast pond.
Founded in 1999, the Park of Molentargius aims to protect and enhance a natural site of international interest, which had already been included in the Ramsar Convention since 1977, due to its importance as a place of rest, wintering and nesting of several waterfowl species.

Have fun with our Segway Tour of the Molentargius Pond

You will meet your expert local guide at the main dock of the port of Cagliari, which is located in the very heart of the city. Before the departure, you will have some time to train with the Segway, and you will learn how easy and fun riding this eco-friendly vehicle can be.
Once you will be ready, you will depart riding your Segway through the recently opened bike path, along the "Palafitta" canal, towards the Park of Molentargius.

Enjoy a fun and eco-friendly experience aboard your Segway

From here, we will soak into history and we will admire the remains of the fascinating Old City of Salt (salt factory and salt ponds), which for centuries has characterized the economy of this area. Finally, we will dive into a natural trail during which we will certainly spot the pink colonies of flamingos that color the pond.   On our way back to the city centre, we will drive along the Poetto beach and stop there for a drink at your choice (coffee or cappuccino, or a glass of beer or wine)... The best way to celebrate this awesome Segway Tour!