Small Group Tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus, Tickets included

Semi-Private Tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus with skip-the-line tickets

3 h
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Walking tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus in small group

A small group tour to discover the marvels of Imperial Rome, led by a professional guide that will reveal all the secrets of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus.

Small Group Tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus, Tickets included highlights: 

  • Discover all the wonders of Imperial Rome with a Small Group Tour
  • Let a professional guide reveal to you the secrets of ancient Rome
  • Let the charm of the Colosseum, the symbol of Rome, conquer you
  • Walk by the Roman Forum’s ancient buildings
  • Admire the Circus Maximus from the Palatino Hill

If you want to spend some time travelling through time, listening to the stories of the gladiator games, of the splendour of Ancient Rome and its games, choose without hesitation this small group tour of Rome. In a few hours, you will get to know three of the most famous symbols of Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Circus Maximus.

Begin this tour with Rome’s masterpiece: the Colosseum

The Flavian Amphitheatre (its original name) was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD, to be then inaugurated by Titus, his successor, in 80 AC. It is the biggest amphitheatre in the world, and was used to host the gladiator games. Its impressive silhouette still dominates the boulevard covered by cobblestone, despite the fires and heart quakes itwas involved into, during the centuries. Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Colosseum is without a doubt the symbol of the Eternal City.

Proceed with the centre of religious, commercial and political life of ancient Rome

The second stop of this small group guided tour of Imperial Rome is the Roman Forum, the centre of the life of ancient Rome, composed by historical architectural works such as the Temple of Concord, the Saturn and Vespasian Temples, the Basilica Giulia and the Tabularium. Once you arrive on top of the Palatine Hill, which hosts the Temple of Victory and an ancient Emperor Augustus’ home, you will enjoy the view of the third wonder comprised in the tour: the Circus Maximus.

End your visit with the Circus Maximus

A majestic view from the Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus will simply leave you breathless. In fact, this green area is the greatest structure made by men to host spectacles of the whole world. Here, chariot races took place, in addition to athletic competitions of all kinds. Your small group tour will end up here, leaving you some free time to walk, explore or just look around breathing the air of Imperial Rome.  

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