Friday Vatican night tour with skip the line ticket for Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel

Friday Night Tour of Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel with skip-the-line tickets

3 h
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Guided Vatican night tour, with visit to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

You won't want to miss this privileged nighttime viewing of the world-renowned Vatican Museums and the stunning Sistine Chapel. Only pre-booked groups can enjoy this exclusive Friday evening, so book now and be ready to immerse yourself in the Vatican's wonders without the normal crowds!

Friday Vatican night tour with skip the line ticket for Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel highlights: 

  • 3-hour tour Friday Night tour of Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel with skip-the-line tickets included
  • Explore the Vatican with an expert english speaking guide, a memorable experience free of daytime crowds
  • Visit the Vatican Museums, stroll through Raphael's Rooms and the Gallery of Maps
  • Enter the Sistine Chapel and see The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo's famous and captivating fresco
  • Enjoy the intimacy of a small group tour, not exceeding 25 people

April through October brings a special treat a Friday Night tour of Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel with skip-the-line tickets included. On this unique tour, your expert guide will show you the Vatican's best sights by night, during the usually closing time of Vatican Museums. You'll revel in its incomparable collection of Renaissance art and stroll through the Sistine Chapel under the soft glow of the moon and without the crowds that are in during the day. Also on the agenda are the famous Gallery of Maps and Raphael's Rooms.

Enjoy this unique experience and visit the Vatican at night

Wandering these hallowed halls will seem like an art tour through the ages. Interspersed among the remarkable Renaissance art, you'll find intriguing Egyptian relics and ancient Etruscan artifacts. Of course, your guide will acquaint you with the works of Raphael and Michelangelo, famous painters of the Italian Renaissance.
One of your notable stops will be Raphael's rooms, which are four adjacent chambers whose walls are decorated with paintings of Raphael and his pupils. Another must-see highlight is the Gallery of Maps. Dating back to the year 1580, this gallery's 40 map frescoes will make history come alive.

Visit Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with no crowd

The Vatican museums complex is a monumental labyrinth, containing around 2,000 different rooms. Luckily, your seasoned guide knows exactly where the best artwork and must-see rooms are located, so you won't get lost as you meander through this maze of galleries and apartments.
Toward the end of the guided tour, you'll arrive at what is perhaps the most awaited destination in the Vatican - the unparalleled Sistine Chapel. While you bask in this historical wonder in all its glory, your expert english speaking guide will share with you the significance of this sacred site. You'll have 15 minutes inside the chapel to admire the most famous frescoes in the world. Gaze up to see Michelangelo's celebrated ceiling fresco, The Creation of Adam, and marvel at the colorful The Last Judgment.

Admire Bernini's colonnade in Saint Peter's Square during the night

Your tour will end as you exit the Sistine Chapel. Although it is not permitted to enter Saint Peter's Basilica in the evening, you can still enjoy the outdoor views of the Vatican complex. Spend as much time as you desire in dazzling St. Peter's Square, admiring the beautiful buildings from the outside. Without worrying about the daytime crowds, be sure to snap some great nighttime Vatican photos!
Book now, as these special evening Vatican tours sell out quickly and there are only twenty Friday nights available: limited dates from april to october.

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