Small Group Tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena

Small Group Tour of Colosseum with tickets to the Underground and Arena

2 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Skip the Line!

Colosseum Underground and Arena Small Group Tour, skip the line tickets included.

A unique chance to visit the Colosseum awaits on this small group tour of maximum 13 participants. The Colosseum Underground and Arena are now accessible for visitation after years of restoration, and you get the chance to have an intimate viewing of these impressive pieces of history.

Small Group Tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena highlights: 

  • Enjoy a thorough and undisturbed small group tour of the Colosseum Underground and Arena
  • Admire some of the most important pieces of our history with Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena
  • Take advantage of the guided tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena to get fascinating information about the location and the gladiatorial games
  • Witness the Arena, a site of total carnage during one of the bloodiest forms of entertainment of the Roman Empire
  • Explore the fascinating Underground rooms where gladiators prepared themselves for the fight

Experience the monumental Colosseum in Rome on a small group tour of no more than 13 people, for maximum intimacy and a comprehensive understanding of the sites.

Enjoy Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena

This small group tour offers an intimate and ideal experience of the historical sites of the Colosseum, Arena and Underground rooms. Enjoy a tour that allows you to visit and admire everything at your own pace, along with a maximum of 12 other participants. You not only benefit from Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena, but also from a special guided tour of these amazing places. Take advantage of the features of the small group tour, as it takes you through each step with plenty of information and fascinating details about the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

Visit the newly renovated and fascinating Colosseum Underground

The unseen part of the Colosseum, but not less interesting, is the Underground space. These rooms are the places where gladiators were preparing for their final hour. The hungry beasts were also kept here. As you walk around these chambers, it is impossible not to feel the chills of long-forgotten slaves who spilled their blood upon entering the Arena during the gladiatorial games. You get Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena on this special small group tour, precisely so you can visit everything at leisure.

Benefit from a guided tour of the Colosseum Underground and Arena for fascinating and thorough information

Among the advantages of this small group tour is, of course, the guided tour of the Colosseum Underground and Arena, including audio headsets in order to ensure an excellent experience. The intimate setting allows you to receive first-hand information from the guide, as well as visit the monuments at your own pace, without having to worry about crowds, noise, or impatience. You and the other participants can enjoy a private, high-quality viewing of the Colosseum Underground and the Arena, where the infamous fights happened. Don’t miss this unique experience on our small group tour

A private tour of the Colosseum Underground and Arena

If you want to live an even more exclusive experience, take a look at our Private Tour of Colosseum Underground!

  • Colosseum
  • Skip the line tickets for Underground and Arena
  • Professional guide
  • Tips (optional)
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