Guided Group Tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena

Guided Group Tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena

2 h
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Colosseum Underground and Arena Guided group tour, tickets included-

Visit the Colosseum, this gigantic, bloody theatre for the masses that has inspired stories, plays, and art depicting the suffering of the fighters, enjoying the included Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena.

Group and guided Tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena highlights: 

  • Enjoy a premium group tour of some of the most important sites in the world’s history
  • Pass through the newly restored gate of Porta Libitinaria to see the Colosseum, including the underground rooms and the Arena
  • Enjoy the included Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena
  • Explore the underground rooms where gladiators prepared to fight to the death in the Arena
  • Witness the Arena, the site of bloodshed in which gladiators fought beasts for their lives

Group and guided Tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena

Get the chance to visit some of Italy’s most famous sites in the premium group tour you have been waiting for. The Colosseum underground rooms, the Porta Libitinaria, and the infamous Arena where gladiators fought beasts and each other to the death are all accessible for viewing. 

Join the premium group tour on a fantastic journey to see the infamous Colosseum

This premium group tour offers the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Colosseum for yourself, in all its newly-restored glory. You will get the rare opportunity to visit this incredible historical site, and you will also be granted Skip the Line Access to Colosseum Underground and Arena. So, you don’t have to waste any time before stepping into this forgotten world. Pass through the monument’s gate Porta Libitinaria, in order to visit the Colosseum, with its underground rooms designated to the warriors and the much-dreaded Arena where the carnage would take place.

Discover the underground rooms where men prepared for the gladiatorial games

The underground rooms are, perhaps, the most underappreciated part of the Colosseum. It is here where a lot of the action took place and descending into these rooms will give you a real feeling of what it was like to live as a gladiator in these underground spaces. This is where the slaves were held captive, alongside the beasts hailing from remote places. Here is where the fighters prepared for the gladiatorialgames, and where they stood, awaiting their turn to step into the Arena and meet their fate, whether it proved to be victorious or fatal.

See the historical Arena where men were tasked with fighting to the death

The most awaited part of this premium group tour in Rome is, without a doubt, the Arena. It is here where the real action took place, for the viewing pleasure of thousands of spectators eagerly awaiting for the bloodshed. As a part of the premium group tour, you will enjoy a guided tour of Colosseum Underground and Arena, complete with historical information and fascinating details of the gladiatorial games, the preparations of the slaves, the beasts that were brought from the most remote corners of the Empire and the audience’s thirst for blood. You will also be given an audio headset, so you make sure you don’t miss any important tidbits.
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