Sutri, Ancient Etruscan village, day trip excursion from Rome

Sutri, Ancient Etruscan village, day trip excursion from Rome

6 h
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difficulty Very easy
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Full day activity to Sutri Etruscan village from Rome

Spend incredible moments with us in the day tour of Sutri, the ancient Etruscan city north of Rome. You will admire its archaeological and historical treasures, a journey through history and art of the Etruscans, far from the chaos of the capital.

Sutri ancient Etruscan village, full day trip close to Rome highlights: 

  • Spend unforgettable moments in the lovely ancient village of Sutri, an ancient Gate to the Southern Etruria.
  • Discover with us the Necropolis, Amphitheatre, the Church of Madonna del Parto, Porta Furia.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch with food and wine tasting.
  • Get to know the Etruscan’s history in this ancient village Sutri.
  • See the remains of the churches during the medieval age of the Roman Empire time.

Sutri ancient Etruscan village, full day trip close to Rome

Enjoy our tour and visit to the ancient city of Sutri. Walking through its necropolis, you will admire the beautiful testimonies of the Etruscan people. During the visit of its historical center, you will appreciate the architectural and artistic treasures of this small village near Rome.

Ancient Village of Sutri

Sutri is perfectly situated on a narrow turf hill that is surrounded by ravines with a narrow neck that connects to the countryside. An ancient village of the Etruscan, the major site is the ancient remains of the Roman Amphitheatre, Etruscan Necropolis with dozens of cut out tombs from the rock, Torre degli Arraggiati and Castello of Carlo Magno, a Mithraeum incorporated in the crypt of the mediaeval church of Madonna del Parto, which is the Romanesque Cathedral of Sutri. Inside is the beautiful ancient fresco representing the Nativity. The ancient walls of Sutri along with the 15th-century towers that bear the coat of arms of Pope Innocent VIII can still be seen as you enter the village.

Etruscan’s sites

As we approach the Roman side of the village, you will see that the rocks on the left are filled with tombs. Crossing a strip of grass meadow, you will find yourself suddenly in a Roman Amphitheatre. It’s perfectly in details with corridors, staircase and twelve ranges of seats all but hewn out of solid rock. It is believed that the amphitheatre was built in the time of Emperor Augustus. One of the highlights is the Church of Madonna del Parto, which is built in one of the Etruscan tomb, a Mithraeum, carved out of a giant rock with seats and altar, all out hewn out of rock. The church can be dated back to the earliest times of Christianity.

Ancient Sutri mingled with Modern Sutri

Porta Vecchia is one of the gates from Via Cassia that bears joint coats of arms of Medici and some coat of arms of the Etruscans. Passing through Porta Furia (Furia Gate), you will stroll through the medieval narrow streets and reach an Etruscan arch into Palazzo Comunale. There, you will see the Town Hall in whose courtyard kept some ancient Roman epigraphs. At the Church of St. Silvestro, you will notice the unique bell tower has an Italian hour face clock. As we finish the tour, we will stop for lunch and you will be treated to food and wine tasting.

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