Semiprivate Group Tour of Castel SantAngelo in Rome with Tickets Included

Semiprivate Group Tour of Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome with Tickets Included

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Small Group Tour of Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome with Tickets Included

Explore one of the most fascinating monuments of Rome, the magnificent Castel Sant'Angelo. Join the amazing small group tour in Rome and find out more about a mysterious and old landmark of the eternal city. Discover the past of this former mausoleum and fortress.

Discover Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome with a Small Group Tour highlights: 

  • Inciting small group tour of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome
  • Learn more about this monument of Rome from your professional guide
  • Discover the history of the place, the former mausoleum of Hadrian
  • Explore one of the most important and interesting landmarks of Rome
  • Admire the ten statues of angels that adorn the Sant'Angelo Bridge

Discover Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome with a Small Group Tour

Discover one of the most intriguing and fascinating landmarks of Rome with your exclusive small group tour of Castel Sant'Angelo, taking visitors into the world of ancient history and legends.

Castel Sant'Angelo, an amazing attraction in Rome

Among the symbols of Rome, Castel Sant'Angelo has passed through many events. You will get the amazing chance to discover all these facts and details from your professional guide. Dating back from the 2nd century AD, Castel Sant'Angelo makes for a great place to visit in Rome, with an impressive history.
Castel Sant'Angelo was originally built as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, the Roman emperor who envisioned a grand masterpiece. Later on, the mausoleum became a fortress and a castle used by the popes, while today it is open to visitors as an interesting museum.

Discover Castel Sant'Angelo on this small group tour

Join the for a pleasant and insightful small group tour of Castel Sant'Angelo and retrace the long and troublesome past of this exceptional monument of Rome. Imagined by Emperor Hadrian himself, the cylindrical monument housed the tomb of Hadrian and his family, but also later emperors until Caracalla in 217.
He also built the bridge coming directly into the monument from the center of Rome, flanked by amazing statues of angels. The mausoleum was later transformed into a military fortress and much of the contents and decorations inside the tombs have been lost during the works.

Relive the history of Rome on this small group tour of Castel Sant'Angelo

The decision to turn the Castel Sant'Angelo into a castle came from the popes and it even became connected to the St. Peter's Basilica through a corridor, allowing for a refuge during perilous times.
Follow the passing of time with your Rome small group tour of Castel Sant'Angelo, discovering fascinating facts about this monument from your expert guides, going back into the rich history of Rome.

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