Group Tour of the Ancient Roman Houses on Celio Hill in Rome

Group Tour of the Ancient Roman Houses on Celio Hill in Rome

3 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided Visit to the Ancient Roman Houses on Celio Hill

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Rome and take part in this exciting 3 hours tour of Rome, discovering the ancient ruins of Celio Hill, with the beautiful church of St. John and Paul, the Ancient Roman Houses, as well as many other wonderful attractions of Rome.

Group activity of the Ancient Roman Houses on Celio Hill in Rome highlights: 

  • A unique tour of Rome, visiting the fascinating Roman ruins on the Celio Hill.
  • Discover the history of the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo.
  • Explore the rich historical area and the splendid ruins of the Ancient Roman Houses.
  • Learn more about the decorations inside the Oratory of San Andrea of Celian.
  • Experience the Ancient Roman road of the Celian Hill and the church of San Gregorio Magno al Celio.

Group activity of the Ancient Roman Houses on Celio Hill in Rome

While visiting the fascinating landmarks of Rome, people usually just explore the most famous areas of the eternal city. While these are fabulous and rewarding, Rome also offers many other treasures spread around its hills and streets.
We give you an exclusive tour of Rome where you will discover a lesser known part of the city, Celio Hill and its ancient Roman houses.

Discover the Celio Hill and its Roman heritage

This 3 hours, skip the line tour of Celio Hill will give an unbelievable insight into the past of Rome and its people, learning more about its history and architecture, its legends and stories. You will get the unique chance to wander among Roman ruins!
Our guide will take you in a fascinating journey back in time, uncovering some of the most hidden historical sites of Rome, located at the top of the Celio hill, in the district with the same name.

The Ancient Roman Houses of Celio Hill, a hidden treasure

Highlights of this 3 hour tour of Rome will include a visit of the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, as well as the five Ancient Roman Houses and their rooms that have been discovered here.
The rooms are beautifully decorated, giving a priceless insight into the daily life of Roman citizen. Dated from the 1st to the 4th centuries AD, these 2.000 years old Roman Houses present a piece of history that few get to see and understand.

Discover the churches of Celio Hill

All these wonderful but almost unknown attractions of Rome are part of our fascinating tour of Celio Hill. You will also get to learn about the Oratory of San Andrea of Celian, which exhibit frescoes of the "Flagellation of Saint Andrew" by Domenichino.
The guide will also present amazing facts about the Clivo di Scauri, the ancient Roman road. This tour of Rome will conclude with a visit to the Church of San Gregorio Magno al Celio, admiring the beautiful decorations and architecture. Here, you will continue to learn more on the history of ancient Rome.

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