Discover the Underground Tour in Rome: Pantheon and Santa Maria in Via Lata

Underground Tour in Rome: Pantheon and Santa Maria in Via Lata

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Guided Tour of the Pantheon and Underground of Santa Maria in Via Lata

Discover the Pantheon of Rome, one of history's most poignant and celebrated monuments: an architectural feat, showing us just how resourceful our ancestors were. Moreover, with this tour you will also have access to the underground of Santa Maria in Via Lata Church, to explore Rome at its best.

Discover the Underground Tour in Rome: Pantheon and Santa Maria in Via Lata highlights: 

  • Discover the historical treasure that is the Pantheon, a relic of the greatness and might of the roman empire
  • Explore the Piazza di Pietra and get to see the famous Hadrian Temple
  • Make a tour of the church of Santa Maria in Via Lata and visit its marvelous underground
  • Marvel at the numerous frescos and paintings, depicting buildings, nature and people from ages ago.

Discover the Pantheon and some impressive attractions of the centre of Rome with this walking tour: the best way to admire one of the most famous monuments of the Eternal City and some lesser known places of the city centre, to make unique your holiday in Rome.

Visit the Pantheon, the best preserved temple of Ancient Rome

The Pantheon was constructed close to two thousand years ago, yet it has not lost its touch. It is a very impressive work of architecture, and it does not fail to leave a deep mark on all its visitors. This building was built on the orders of Marcus Agrippa, as a temple honoring all the gods of the Roman Empire.
It is interesting to note that almost two thousand years later the Pantheon still has the title of having the largest unreinforced concrete dome all over the world. There is an oculus at the top of the building, which provides the only light available inside the building. If you have ever been interested in knowing how light plays around in an enclosed space, the pantheon is your best bet at seeing this play out naturally.

Admire the Temple of Hadrian and its wonderful square

After the Pantheon, you will walk to Piazza di Pietra, one of the most beautiful squares of the centre of Rome, where you will admire the Temple of Hadrian: an impressive building built on the orders of Antoninus Pius as a tribute to his adoptive father, Hadrian.
Togheter with a professional guide, you will discover the story and the secrets of this monument, admiring its well preserved structure and columns.

Discover the underground of Santa Maria in Via Lata Church

The tour will continue to the Santa Maria in Via Lata Church, where it is believed that some of the disciples, including St. Paul and St. Peter, spent their time underground in a crypt while awaiting their trials.
You will have the chance to visit the underground crypt of the church: a unique chance to go back to the old history of Rome, wondering at marvelous frescos and ancient structure. You will also discover a sign of the presence of pristine waters, and will discover the legend connected with this area.

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