Small Group Tour of San Sebastian Catacombs and Appian Way

Small Group Tour of San Sebastian Catacombs and Appian Way

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Guided Visit to the Roman Catacombs and Appian Avenue in small group

In Rome you will visit a different side of the city, descending into the depths of the Catacombs of Rome and exploring the Appian Way by walking through the arches of the ancient aqueduct. A unique tour of Rome that will show you a different side of the city!

Guided Group Tour of Roman Catacombs and Appian Way with tickets included highlights: 

  • Explore the ancient Roman Catacombs, located under the city, the former Christian cemetery
  • A unique tour of ancient Rome and its hidden treasures, such as the Catacombs and the beautiful facade of the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella
  • A walking visit of part of the old Appian Way (“Via Appia” in Italian), most important Roman roads of the Ancient Republic
  • Awe-inspiring views of the ancient Roman aqueduct
  • An authentic eXPerience where you will travel back in time and you will admire some of the earliest examples of Christian art

Guided Group Tour of Roman Catacombs and Appian Way with tickets included

On this three hour small group guided tour in Rome, on foot and by panoramic bus, you will attain over the ancient walls of Rome, walk through the ancient tunnels of the Roman catacombs, travel along the Appian Way and pass through the arches of the aqueduct.

A walking tour to visit the Roman Catacombs 

The Roman Catacombs were built nearly 2,000 years ago as tombs for the Christians. They reveal mosaics, burial niches, and sarcophagi, as well as ancient religious designs. In the San Sebastiano catacombs you can admire an altar from which Christians celebrated the liturgy during the period of persecution.

Learn more about the story of Rome by visiting its landmarks

The geological structure of Rome, rich in tuff, became the solution to this problem. From the second to the fifth century, the Roman catacombs were dug on 60 different layers, 2 of which were reserved to the Jews. Among these, 5 belonging to the Christian complex are open to the public and give the opportunity to eXPerience Rome in a very different way compared to traditional routes.

Visit the Appian Way, a well-preserved Roman road

Concluding this original tour of Rome treasures, you will have the chance to admire the beautiful Appian Way and the ancient Roman aqueduct. True feat of engineering and architecture, this attraction is perfectly preserved in some places, so that you can attest to the magnificence of the Roman Empire.
This tour truly represents a unique and enchanting eXPerience into the heart of the ancient Roman Empire!

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Reviews of Small Group Tour of San Sebastian Catacombs and Appian Way

Reviewed by Patrice A. from

Catacombs were fascinating

Worthwhile tour. Very good guide and driver. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by belinda p. from

Giant leap back to centuries ago

Our guide Janet is very personable and makes strong effort to engage every member of the small group. The only negative is that meeting place is hard to find. Street signs nondistinct. The meeting spot/building signage is very small and covered with vines and shrubs - not tourist friendly.
Reviewed by NikkiBurnsSymons from Canada

Amazing tour of the San Callisto catacombs and Appian Way

We spent three hours with our tour guide Jeannette. She was extremely knowledgeable and so much fun to be with. We were a group of about 13 (made up of Americans, Australians and Canadians) and it was a great tour. So very interesting and such good company to share it with. Thanks Jeannette and the rest of our fellow pilgrims.
Reviewed by LorenzoF65 from United States

Four Tours - Loved them all

We took the ancient Rome, Jewish ghetto & Trastevere, Appian Way/Catacombs & Vatican tours. We loved them all. Valentina, an archeologist who did the ancient Rome tour, merits additional praise. It was just the two of us with her. I'm a history teacher and when she saw how genuinely interested we were and all the questions we asked she just ran with it! She went way over the time allotted for the tour because she seemed to be enjoying herself talking about this stuff too! A true passion for her subject. We actually had to force a tip on her because she insisted she had so much fun. I've looked at some of the other reviews, so I guess it really depends on the guide you have and how big your group is. I suppose we were lucky.