Group Tour of the Centre of Rome, Discovering Caravaggios Art

Group Tour of the Centre of Rome, Discovering Caravaggio's Art

3 h
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Guided Visit in the Centre of Rome, to Discover Caravaggio's Art

Art, food and wine come together on this extraordinary tour in the footsteps of the Great artist Caravaggio. Admire the eternal masterpieces, held in some of the main churches of Rome, and taste the finest typical products of our culinary traditions, through this unforgettable eXPerience!

Attractions of the Centre of Rome, Discovering Caravaggio's Art highlights: 

  • Walk the streets of Rome and view the same sights the Master Caravaggio did during the 16th and 17th centuries
  • View three of his greatest masterpieces together in the same location at the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo
  • Tour the Spanish Steps which have inspired poets and artists of all nationalities, and see where Keats lived and worked
  • Visit the original artisan workshops and storage barns located at the Via Margutta, which helped supply Caravaggio with both equipment and inspiration

Attractions of the Centre of Rome, Discovering Caravaggio's Art

Italy is known for its culinary heritage, its tradition of fine wines, and its art and culture. The artists of the Renaissance in particular stand out perhaps more than any others, in any times or culture anywhere on Earth.

A tour that combines food and culture in Rome

This special tour of Rome combines all three aspects of Italy's magnificent heritage together into one inspirational and entertaining tour. Not only will you get to taste some of the most delicious foods and wines in the City, you'll also learn about the life and times of one of history's greatest artists, the Master Painter Michelangelo Merisi o Amerighi da Caravaggio – a man often credited as the founder of modern painting techniques.

Visit some of the most important landmarks in the centre of Rome 

Your tour begins at the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, located in the Piazza del Popolo, where you will view three of the Master's most famous canvases. You will proceed onward to the famous Via Ripetta, which leads to the Spanish Steps, home to the famous British poets Keats and Shelley in later years.

Taste some food and wine in an exclusive wine bar

Next, you will visit the Via Margutta and the Via Condotti, formerly the center home of a great deal of Rome's craft shops, marketplaces, and storefronts, it continues that tradition today as a major shopping center.
Finally, you will finish the tour in an exclusive wine bar, with an exciting tasting session of some of the finest meats, cheeses, and wine Rome has to offer. So come and enjoy a night of Food, Wine, and Art with us here at ItalyXP. 

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You want to admire the art of Caravaggio, and you're looking for a route that will help you immerse yourself even deeper into his fabulous masterpieces? Do not worry, ItalyXP has the perfect tour for you: the Private Tour of Caravaggio, the most intimate and exclusive way to discover this great artist!

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