Private Tour by limousine to discover Angels and Demons places

Private Tour by limousine to discover "Angels and Demons" places

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Dario was great at helping us maximize our time

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Private and exclusive ride by limousine on "Angels and Demons" places

A unique “Angels and Demons tour of Rome that traces the mysteries and the riddles from Dan Brown´s best seller. Enjoy this fascinating journey aboard a private car through the places made famous by the book and movie. You can also choose to have an accredited guide who will enrich your eXPerience.

Private Trip by limousine on the path of "Angels and Demons" highlights: 

  • An intriguing tour of Rome by private car, though the places and monuments made famous by Dan Brown’s best seller, “Angels and Demons”
  • Discover the mysteries and secrets that surround Rome, which have always been an attraction for lovers of art, history and culture
  • Aboard an all-comforts Limousine, explore the evocative, narrow streets of old Rome and visit some of the out-of-way sites that tourists generally miss
  • An accredited guide can help you better understand and unravel the mysteries narrated in “Angels and Demons”
  • Discover the hidden esoteric side of Rome from the comfort of a private Limousine

Private Trip by limousine on the path of "Angels and Demons"

Immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Dan Brown’s best-seller, “Angels and Demons”, with this tour of Rome on a Luxury Limousine. Discover the secrets and riddles that made this novel (and movie) such a success. The eXPerience will begin with a visit to The Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo (land), the headquarters of the Chigi Chapel and the first altar of science.
The “Angels and Demons tour of Rome continues with the second altar, St. Peter's Basilica (air) and the square with Bernini's famous colonnade. From the so-called Church Museum of St. Peter's Square, the tour heads to the majestic Castel Sant'Angelo, famous for its "passageway": the secret passage that connects the Vatican with the Castle.
Then, you will have the opportunity to discover the famous Bridge of Angels over the Tiber which houses the famous angels sculpted by Bernini
The third altar is the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria (fire), in which the last chapel on the left (Cornaro Chapel) dominates Bernini's incredible sculpture of the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, shown in the moment of burning passion.
The last stage, as well as the last altar of our tour, is the majestic Fountain of the Four Rivers (water) in Piazza Navona, one of the most enchanting squares of the city.
This is the ultimate “Angels and Demons eXPerience in Rome that you will ever find: a unique private Limousine tour through the most important places of Dan Brown’s best-seller.
All our vehicles are thoroughly sanitized and the passenger's compartment areas are subjected to frequent cleaning before and after each service. During the time spent inside the vehicle, the use of anti-covid masks is mandatory. The driver will also proceed to measure the body temperature before the start of each service.

Reviews of Private Tour by limousine to discover "Angels and Demons" places

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Incredible sites and great family adventure

Dario was great at helping us maximize our time visiting all of the historical sites, even helping us navigate through the rain, providing us with some background information along the way. Despite having a late afternoon tour, we were able to enter most of the sites before they closed, except for those under construction. Our driver, Dario, was always very accommodating, parking nearby and allowing us time to visit, take pictures and learn about the sites on the itinerary. He was very organized and polite, even directing us to additional sites to visit, such as the Trevi fountain... Part of our children’s “homework” was to learn about the sites and present short summaries about the history and mystery at each stop. This made it a great family adventure, which we will not soon forget, as we traced the steps from the movie and its allure...