Private and guided Tour of Ancient Ostia, departing from Rome

Private and guided Tour of Ancient Ostia, departing from Rome

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Visita splendida a Ostia Antica

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Guided Private Tour of Ancient Ostia, Departing from Rome

Discover Ancient Ostia, an amazing part of the Roman heritage, just a few kilometers away from the city of Rome. The ancient harbor of Ostia is a trove of wonderful attractions, including temples, houses, ancient mosaics and other monuments. Explore it with this unique private tour from Rome!

Private and guided visit of Ancient Ostia, Departing from Rome highlights: 

  • Explore the ruins of a once beautiful Roman city, the ancient Ostia!
  • Discover the greatness of the Roman Empire with this private tour of Ostia harbor
  • Visit the ancient archaeological area with markets, thermal baths and theaters
  • Just a few kilometers from Rome, this private tour will uncover some of the best kept Roman ruins in the world
  • See the beauty of the ancient mosaics, the houses and temples of this once glorious city

Private and guided visit of Ancient Ostia, Departing from Rome

Join this unique opportunity to discover Ostia Antica in a private tour, short distance away from Rome. Once the harbour city of ancient Rome, Ostia Antica is now a vast archeological site, located near the city of Rome. The town was abandoned and buried for over ten centuries until it was rediscovered.

A private tour to discover Ancient Ostia

This unique private tour from Rome will explore the site of Ancient Ostia, located just a few kilometers to the southwest of beautiful Rome. This is the perfect half-day tour from Rome, exploring the ancient ruins of Ostia, a charming port from ancient times. These are some of the best preserved ancient ruins, letting you immerse in a unique eXPerience, seeing how ancient Romans used to live.

Ancient Ostia, one of the most important attractions of Rome

Among the great Rome attractions, this half-day excursion from Rome will take you to Ostia, for a unique and private tour, visiting the amazingly well preserved temples, theaters, baths and markets of the old town.
This used to be one of the major ports close to Rome, at the mouth of the Tiber river, today being one of the top Roman heritage attractions. Your private guide will walk you through the ruins of Ancient Ostia, bringing these stones back to life with insightful stories and legends.

Visit Ancient Ostia with a private guide

One of the most exciting things to do in Rome, especially for people who love history and culture, this tour of Ancient Ostia will take you through the most important attractions of ancient Ostia, from the Capitol and the Forum to the Theatre of Augustus or the Neptune Thermal Baths.
Ancient Ostia, one of the best preserved and most charming archaeological areas in the world is just a few km from central Rome and can be discovered through this private day tour from Rome.
Moreover, you can book a private transfer from the centre of Rome to Ancient Ostia, in order to reach Ostia in the most comofortable way.

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Reviews of Private and guided Tour of Ancient Ostia, departing from Rome

Reviewed by FreeRaider from Italy

Visita splendida a Ostia Antica

Favoloso Daniel, preparatissimo, disponibile e informale. Il tipo di guida che serve per non farti annoiare nei siti archeologici pieni di rovine come Ostia Antica. È stato capace di coinvolgere e appassionare. In aggiunta a questo la giornata di sole ha reso la visita ancora piu piacevole! Guida consigliatissima.