Guided tasting tour with the chef at the Testaccio market

Guided Tour of Testaccio market with a Professional Chef

2 h
min 30
Something different
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Guided walking tour of the Testaccio food market with the chef

Be a part of our small group tasting tour in Rome with an Italian chef through the Testaccio Food Market! Do not miss the modern vibe and atmosphere of a daily Roman lifestyle by exploring Testaccio Food Market. Our Italian chef will walk you through Testaccio Food Market!

Guided tasting tour with the chef at the Testaccio market highlights: 

  • Join the tour with an Italian chef going through the Testaccio Food Market
  • Learn the history, stories of cultural influences and curiosities about Roman dishes
  • Explore the local products and Roman lifestyle in the famed Testaccio Food Market
  • Tantalise your palates to local products tastings with a glass of wine and street food.
  • Pick up cooking techniques and tips on cooking Italian cuisines

Join us as we tour in a small group with an Italian chef through Testaccio Food Market to learn stories and cultural history of the Roman cuisine. Explore the food stalls, fresh ingredients and the Italian way of life as we weave through the lanes of stalls. Pick up cooking techniques, how to pick fresh vegetables and learn the usage of Italian herbs from an Italian expert. We will have 3 stops to take time to taste some authentic local products, street food for lunch and a glass of wine.

Testaccio Food Market

Be in the centre of Italian cuisine at the famous Testaccio Food Market, one of the liveliest areas of Rome. Here is where most Italian chef shops for their restaurant groceries and ingredients. Not your usual food market, Testaccio Food Market has a modern vibe with handful of bistros and cafes for you to grab lunch easily.

Learn the exquisite Italian cuisine from an Italian Chef

On this small group tour you will master some Italian cuisines by learning the recipes and ingredients from an Italian chef. Attain most of Italian’s secret cooking techniques, tips on how to pick fresh food from the market and get the hang on how to use Italian herbs. Learn the traditional dishes and cuisines in Rome.

Three food tasting of authentic Roman Food with cultural stories and history

There are many Roman classic dishes such as Carbonara, Bruschetta, Suppli, Bucatini all’ Amatriciana, Gricia and many more. We will have at least 3 tasting stops of authentic local Roman products and dishes, lunch with street food and a glass of wine. Learn from the chef the history, culture and traditions of Roman cuisin.

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