Guided tasting tour with the chef at the Testaccio market

Tour of local market and cooking class to learn how to make pasta in Rome

3 h
min 30
Something different
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Guided walking tour of the Testaccio food market with the chef

Get a chance to become an Italian even if it is just for 24 hours. On this tour, you will get a chance to discover the ins and outs associated with preparing Roman Pasta. This exciting tour will teach you to cook like the Italians and enjoy your delicious meal at the end of the tour.

Guided tasting tour with the chef at the Testaccio market highlights: 

  • Learn how to prepare the delicious Roman Pasta by learning from a professional Chef
  • Get a chance to tour the local market in the company of your chef
  • A full practical cooking class
  • Taste your sumptuous pasta at the end of the class
  • Get a certificate to prove your Roman cooking skills

This tour of the Local Market and Cooking pasta will help you learn the ropes of Italian dishes. You will also discover why Italian dishes are one of the most delicious in the world. You will learn from the best and get a chance to recreate the recipes at home.

A full Roman Experience

Your first visit of the day will be to Rome’s central market. You will travel in the company of your chef who will show you all the fresh ingredients you need to prepare a delicious pasta. You will then return to the class where the practical session will begin.

Full Hands on Classroom Session

The class will hold in a professional cooking school based in Rome’s center. The class will be in groups and in each class, you will learn how to prepare two pasta sauces that will give your pasta a delicious taste.

Taste your meal at the end of the class

At the end of the session, every student will get a chance to taste from the delicious pasta that they have learned to prepare. This will be accompanied by White and Red wine. Talk about a day of learning and enjoyment.

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