Private photo friend tour in Rome

Private photo tour in Rome with a non professional photographer

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we had a fantastic wonderful day in Rome. Our photo friend made fantastic photos.

An ItalyXP customer

Photographic tour in Rome with private unprofessional photographer

We offer you the unique concept of a Photo Friend in Rome, a non-professional photographer that will accompany you through the city, capturing the best pictures of you. Your trip to Rome will now have the most beautiful and expressive photographs, with these pictures of you in Rome.

Private photo friend tour in Rome highlights: 

  • Your Rome photo friend will accompany and take pictures of you visiting Rome
  • Take your photo memories of Rome to another level, with perfect candid travel shots
  • You don't have to worry about anything, just have the time of your life and see the attractions of Rome
  • If you don't like to pose for a picture, this is the perfect option, with candid professional pictures
  • Make for an unforgettable trip to Rome with this exclusive tour we offer - Photo Friend in Rome

The images of a journey provide lasting memories. What could be more beautiful than the spectacular views over Rome during your visit? All too often, people coming to visit Rome end up with bad memories when they see their unprofessional photos of the experience. You don't need to worry about the camera, to set the self-timer or go crazy for a pose of two. Your Photo Friend in Rome will take care of all this for you! He or she will accompany you discretely on your visit to Rome and will immortalize the highlights of your experience. All along the streets and squares of Rome, while visiting the most famous attractions, you can rest assured your photographs will look amazing.
These will not be classic photos that are set, cold and anonymous. We will see to every detail, capturing candid and personal shots through which, once at home, you will be able to relive the feelings of the moment in Rome. You will set your itinerary with your new Rome photo friend, choosing where to go and what to see. One thing is certain, you can go with your visits undisturbed, you do not need to pose or prepare for a photo, the photographer will choose the most touching and lasting memories of Rome. You can view and download the pictures in high definition directly from your private page on

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Reviews of Private photo tour in Rome with a non professional photographer

Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

we have seen all that wonderful secret places of Rome and our photo friend made fantastic pictures of us in that places

we had a fantastic wonderful day in Rome. Our photo friend made fantastic photos. It was just wonderful to shoot with him because we just could do what we liked to do and see in Rome and we felt very comfortable with him around making lots of brilliant pictures.