Photo Shoot Session in the Centre of Rome with a Professional Photographer

Photo Shoot Session in the Centre of Rome with a Professional Photographer

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Private Professional Photo Shoot Tour near the Best Attractions in Rome

Walk the streets of Rome, alone or with your loved one, while our professional photographer with capture the best portraits of you in Rome. You will get dozens of beautiful photos in Rome, against the most beautiful corners of the city, from the old town to the banks of the Tiber.

Photo Shoot Tour in the Centre of Rome with a Professional Photographer highlights: 

  • Have a professional take the most captivating photo portraits in Rome
  • If you are shy from asking strangers take your pictures in front of the iconic monuments of Rome, have a professional do it
  • You will get the best photo portraits in Rome, that will make for perfect memories of your experience
  • You will be the star of a photo shoot in Rome with a professional photographer
  • A photo tour that is both fun and useful at the same time, getting the best souvenirs

Photo Shoot Tour in the Centre of Rome with a Professional Photographer

Our photo portraits tour of Rome is very fun and very simple to do. You just have to walk and stop in the most beautiful locations in Rome. Our professional photographer will give you just a few indications as you walk or contemplate the beauty of Rome. Just be natural and let the charm of Rome bestow upon you. This is the perfect tour in Rome for those who wish to have memorable souvenirs from their trip.

A unique service that will enrich your Roman holiday

Way too often, people visiting Rome take photographs of everything around them, but are never in the pictures. Wouldn't you love that your friends see you in front of the enchanting sights of Rome? This is the perfect solution, with a Rome photo tour designed to put you in the center of attention.

Follow a wonderful itinerary to discover the best places of Rome

The photo tour starts on the Campidoglio, one of the famous seven hills of Rome, where you will be photographed against the backdrop of the Forum and in the square designed by Michelangelo. Here you will also find an amazing view over the roofs of Rome. Then you will descend along the famous steps and you will come to the ancient Theatre of Marcello. From there you will go through Rome's Jewish Ghetto, a charming neighborhood with narrow streets, squares and buildings full of history...

Receive high resolution photoes of your tour through the web

From there you will head toward the beautiful and small Tiberina Island which splits the river Tiber and where the first community of Romans founded the city. The professional photographer will also capture your Roman holiday on the banks of the Tiber River. A few days after the portrait tour of Rome, you will receive about 40 photographs that will be sent via e-mail, both in low resolution for the web (facebook, websites, etc.), and in high resolution for printing.

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