Gastronomic and shopping tour of Eataly and Castel Romano Outlet.

Gastronomic and shopping tour of Eataly and Castel Romano Outlet.

8 h
Luxury & Shopping
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Fun activity around Eataly and Castel Romano Outlet

Discover the inspiring world of Italian and international brands and join us for the ultimate shopping experience in Rome. Visit the famous Eataly, the biggest market in Rome and delve into the delicious Italian dishes, followed by a visit of the Castel Romano designer outlet.

Gastronomic and shopping experience of Eataly and Castel Romano Outlet. highlights: 

  • Unique shopping experience in Rome
  • Explore the biggest market in Rome at Eataly
  • Try some of the traditional Italian dishes at Eataly
  • Visit the amazing shopping heaven at the Castel Romano outlet

Gastronomic and shopping experience of Eataly and Castel Romano Outlet.

Prepare for one fun and enticing activity in Rome, a change from the usual cultural and historical side of the city, a shopping tour in Rome for all who love quality goods made in Italy. While most people who visit Rome stick to the city and its pretty expensive street shops, it is good to know that there is also the opportunity to shop for the best quality in places that only locals usually go.

A unique shopping experience in Rome

Our unique shopping experience in Rome will take you first to Eataly, a gourmet market, maybe the most famous and diverse in the city, but also to a designer outlet just outside the city, where the best Italian and international brands offer endless shopping choices.
Follow your instinct and come with us in a different activity in Rome, one more mundane, but equally rewarding. While there are many places to shop in Rome, like all Italian cities, there are also some unknown destinations that you need directions to reach as a tourist.

Visit Eataly, the best gourmet shop in Rome

Our shopping tour of Rome starts in the city centre, from where you will depart at 11 am or 2 pm, heading towards Eataly, a interesting market dedicated to the best quality food, authentic Italian ingredients, but also extremely fine dining.
You will get the opportunity to taste an Italian aperitif, but also shop around for delicacies or eating something special in one of the restaurants.

Shop at Castel Romano, one of the biggest Italian outlets

The shopping tour from Rome will then head towards Castel Romano and its McArthurGlen Designer Outlet. This activity will give you the most awesome shopping experience in Rome, a chance to go on a shopping spree for about 3 hours, exploring the about a hundred brands that offer amazing quality goods, anything you might imagine.
Italy is probably amongst the best shopping destinations in the world, with plenty of fashion brands of its own, some of the best designers in the world and great prices. The shopping tour from Rome will end in Castel Romano outlet, from where you will be transferred back to the city centre. This amazing shopping experience in Rome is definitely worth trying if you happen to desire a different activity in Rome.

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