Full day activity close to Rome in a small group to Ponza Island,.

Full day activity close to Rome in a small group to Ponza Island,.

13 h
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Full day tour in a small group to Ponza Island, from Rome

This incredible day trip departing from Rome will take you to discover the Ponza Island and the wonderful Pontine Islands: an amazing italian eXPerience to enrich your Roman holiday! The tour includes transfer services from Rome and a boat tour of the whole Island! 

Full day tour in a semiprivate group to Ponza Island, from Rome highlights: 

  • Come along to Ponza Island, a tiny hidden Mediterranean island paradise for a cold dip.
  • Discover and listen to the tales and legends of the Pontine Islands of Ponza.
  • Catch sightings of the Grotto of Circe, where Homer wrote in his Odyssey on the legend of Odysseus’s men.
  • As we stop somewhere after lunch, you may swim or just lie on the deck.

Looking forward to a nice cold dip in the ocean after a long hot day in Rome? Head over with us to Ponza Island for a day trip from Rome. We will board on a comfortable air conditioned bus to the port and from there we will catch a fast boat directly to Ponza Island. The captain of the boat will lead us around the Pontine Islands of Ponza and, weather permitting, to Palmarola as well.

Ponza Island

Ponza Island is famous for its sparkling, crystalline blue waters and stunning terrain of cliff sides and unique geological formations. It is the largest of the Pontine Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was named after Pontus Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea who tried Jesus of Nazareth. The beauty of Ponza Island is the numerous natural arches and bridges which make the island a spectacular sight. Ponza is actually the remains of the opening rim of an extinct volcano. The crescent shaped island can be seen on the popular beach of Chiaia di Luna,. An island marked with the remains of Etruscans, especially the visible man-made terraces covering some part of the hills is known to be an island of exile. One of the famous ruins of Ponza Island is the Palazzo Giulia, where Julia Livilla, aunt of Emperor Nero was exiled along with Agrippina, the mother of Nero.

Grotto Circe, Homer’s Odyssey

As we explore Grotto Circe, whose name derived from the goddess of magic, Circe, our captain will regale the tales and legends of the seducing Circe of Homer's The Odyssey who turned Odysseus' men into animals and learn about the tragic true story of Lucia Rosa. The spot is now known as the Chiaia di Luna.

Tour with a private boat

You'll be greeted warmly by the captain and crew who will be leading our exploration of the Pontine Islands of Ponza and weather permitting, to Palmarola as well. Depending on the wind and the sea, stops will differ from day to day but your boat tour is sure to include breathtakingly beautiful stops at the islands most important grottoes and swimming areas. As we are enraptured by the beauty of the Pontine Islands, the crew will prepare simple pasta for lunch onboard. Lunch is served on deck with wine and beverages.

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