Cooking Lesson with Chef at Panoramic Loft in the centre of Rome

Cooking Lesson with Chef at Panoramic Loft in the centre of Rome

3 h
min 30
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Best reviews
8 reviews

This is a great opportunity to enjoy and learn about one of the best things in Rome,THE FOOD!


Cooking class with professional chef in his loft at Rome

Looking for an amazing cooking eXPerience in Rome? Join a panoramic loft in the centre of Rome, and discover the traditional dishes of Italian and Roman cuisine. Guided by a renowned Chef, you will learn how to cook a delicious 4-course meal, surrounded by a cozy atmosphere and a breathtaking view!

Amazing Cooking Lesson with Chef in at Panoramic Loft in the centre of Rome highlights: 

  • Join the Chef in his splendid panoramic loft in the centre of Rome.
  • A fun-filled cooking eXPerience in a cozy and friendly athmosphere.
  • Learn different recipes and cooking techniques from a super skilled Chef!
  • Cook a traditional 4-course Italian meal with your hands and taste what you have prepared with a delicious glass of wine.
  • A unique and authentic hands-on cooking eXPerience in the heart of Rome.

Amazing Cooking Lesson with Chef in at Panoramic Loft in the centre of Rome

Join this fun-filled cooking class in the heart of Rome! Meet David, a friendly professional Chef, member of the Italian Chef's Federation, who will lead you through this unforgettable gastronomic eXPerience!

A cooking lesson in a wonderful location in the centre of Rome

The Cooking Day begins in the morning at the Chef's place, an amazing panoramic loft in Piazza Argentina. The terrace will welcome you with breathtaking views on Rome's landscapes, giving you terrific pictures opportunity.
The Cooking Lesson begins with the explanation of the dishes you are going to prepare: a complete 4-course meal that includes a first course (home-made pasta), a second course, a side dish, and a dessert (all rigorously traditional Italian dishes).

Learn Italian cuisine togheter with a professional chef

You will be expertly guided by the Chef during the cooking process and you will learn numerous interesting cooking techniques, while drinking a glass of good wine and listening to relaxing music. Once your meal will be ready you are going to have lunch all together, tasting the dishes you have prepared with the Chef, surrounded by a stunning view!

A unique experience that will make your holiday in Rome unforgettable

This Cooking Day in Rome is a unique opportunity to discover the true essence of Italian food culture and learn what makes our cuisine so special.
If your dream is exploring Rome with all five senses, then this is the perfect eXPerience for you! 

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Furthermore, in his splendid panoramic loft in Piazza Argentina, the Chef organizes Evening Cooking Lesson with Happy Hour!

Reviews of Cooking Lesson with Chef at Panoramic Loft in the centre of Rome

Reviewed by Roi B from

Amazing experience of food and Rome

A great experience, in a great atmosphere, in a great location with adorable couple ! But the best were the results - hmm mm so tasty! ! We can't wait to make it at home :)
Reviewed by doug c from United States

Fun and Delicious Way to Spend an Evening in Rome

A fantastic evening in Rome! It started with Chef David welcoming us to his roof top patio for wine and hors d'oeuvres with the other guests. There were a total of 10 in the group and it was fun getting to know everyone. Chef David was friendly, fun and really wanted to make sure the evening was a true learning experience. We made a delicious red sauce, had some wine, and then each of us made homemade pasta. When completed, we all sat down to enjoy the delicious meal, and a little more wine too! We highly recommend this activity for couples or for families. Even the "non" cooks in the family will enjoy the experience.
Reviewed by LG_Weinman from United States

Making Dinner is Rarely This Fun!

Chef David offers a highly entertaining and informative evening of cooking, eating and fun. My family spent an enjoyable evening with 8 other guests making fresh pasta and enjoying a wonderful spread of appetizers, prosecco, and wine. Highly recommend this experience.
Reviewed by Mary D from United States

A Memorable Evening in Rome

We booked a cooking lesson here at the end of my family's multi-generational visit to Rome over the week after Thanksgiving. The cooking school is located close to Rome's historic food market, the Campo dei Fiori--making for a pleasant walk over for our cooking class. David, the chef, managed to engage everyone in our group--and gave a thorough, professional tutorial on food preparation, cooking hygiene and knife skills in a fully entertaining way. We laughed, enjoyed wonderful hors d'oeuvres, cooked and enjoyed the school's magnificent open patio (which was comfortably heated, even in the coldest days of early December). By the end of the evening, we'd had engaging instruction, lots of laughs and a fine meal. It was a truly wonderful experience.