Day Trip to Roman Castles with Food Tasting from Rome

Day Trip to Roman Castles with Food Tasting from Rome

7 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Day Excursion to Roman Castles with Local Food Tasting

A delightful food and wine tour from Rome in the countryside around the Capital. Join us and discover the Castelli Romani’sfood and wine traditions. A unique tour that will introduce you to the authentic and heavenly Italian cuisine. Taste the essence of Italy in this half day excursion from Rome!

Day Trip to Roman Castles with Food Tasting from Rome highlights: 

  • An exciting half day trip from Rome to taste the best wine and food of the Castelli Romani
  • Visit a traditional farm with a winery and organic agriculture
  • Taste the local delicacies made only from fresh and organic ingredients
  • Discover the essence of Castelli Romani’s traditional and authentic cuisine
  • Taste the best wines of the region during our unique wine tour from Rome

Day Trip to Roman Castles with Food Tasting from Rome

Come discover the best that the Castelli Romani (Roman Castles) hill-towns have to offer! This short tour from Rome will take you to explore one of the most authentic countryside areas around the Capital, with beautiful castles and where the traditional cuisine is famous, with many types of wines and unique recipes.

A food and wine tour to discover the Castelli Romani area

During our food and wine tour from Rome, you will taste the different flavors of Castelli Romani: good wines, biological products and typical dishes, only in carefully selected high-level restaurants.

Visit Lanuvio and one of its winery to taste the local wine

Our half day tour includes transfer from Rome to Lanuvio, one of the most interesting towns in Castelli Romani. Then, you will go to "La Luna e il Casale", a beautiful farm where you will have a guided visit to the winery. The farm "La Luna e il Casale" is specialized in organic agriculture, and every product has an important "bio" value.
During the winery visit, you can taste three different types of wines produced by the farm, with local bread and extra virgin olive oil, flavored oils and sauces produced by the farm.

Go to a farm house in Velletri and taste typical products

After that, we will drive you to a farm house in Velletri, the biggest town in Castelli Romani, to have lunch made of characteristic and local products. This represents an extremely rewarding experience, both gastronomically and culturally, where you will be able to discover the traditional organic way to grow and prepare food. It will greatly improve your understanding of this term and will give you a deeper sense of the authentic Italian cuisine.
This amazing wine and food tour to the hill-towns of Castelli Romani will conclude with the trip back to Rome.

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