8 day vacation package from Sorrento to Palermo

8-days Escorted Tour in Campania and Sicily from Naples

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Trip across Campania and Sicily: Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri, Palermo

An all-inclusive combined Sicily and Campania tour from Naples to historically famous cities of Pompeii and villages in Capri, Anacapri by crossing the Gulf of Sorrento, to Palermo, one of the most well-preserved Baroque city in Sicily and Agrigento Doric temples at the Valley of the Temple.

8 day vacation package from Sorrento to Palermo highlights: 

  • Spend 8 days travelling across the best locations of Campania and Sicily
  • Enjoy a terrific all round trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sicily
  • Visit the Baroque city of Palermo and the Cathedral and the Cloister of Monreale
  • Admire the imposing excavated areas of Pompeii, Ercolano and Herculaneum
  • Do not miss the ten Doric Temples of Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples

The 8 Days Campania and Sicily tour will guarantee an exhilarating and one of the most memorable experience you will ever have on the south of Italy! On this tour, we will take you through the magnificence of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Cathedral and Cloister of Monreale, the excavated ancient cities of PompeiiHerculaneum and Agrigento's Doric Temples in the Valley of the Temples. Crossing the Gulf of Sorrento, we will visit the beautifully natured Capri and Anacapri. Later, we will go along the coast to see the famous Faraglioni. Not forgetting the well preserved Baroque city of Palermo in Sicily, visiting the Palatine Chapel and the Royal Palace.

Day 1: Naples – Sorrento

Arriving in Naples, you will be transferred to the hotel in Sorrento, where you will spend the night. 

Day 2: Sorrento – Capri – Anacapri – Sorrento

After breakfast at the hotel, we will go on a regular excursion to Capri and Anacapri by crossing the Gulf of Sorrento. As we arrive in Capri, we will visit the beautiful villa of Dr. Alex Munthe, a Swedish physician, who wrote the famous book "The Story of San Michele". The villa was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa and surrounded by gardens and terraces, adorned with many relics and ancient artworks, from the time of ancient Egypt. We will continue on to the town centre of Capri, weaving through the pebble streets lined with taverns, workshops and restaurants. Passing through the mediaeval Piazza, we head towards the coastal rock formation of Faraglioni and the Gardens of Augustus.At the end of the day, we will return to Sorrento to the hotel.

Day 3: Sorrento – Pompeii – Ercolano – Sorrento

Breakfast at the hotel and we will take an excursion to Pompeii and Ercolano. A full day excursion driven in a coach, we will reach the excavated areas of the ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum. Here, you will be taken through the excavated sites to better understand the history of Pompeii and the destruction of Pompeii by the eruption of volcanic Mount Vesuvius. You will see the preservation of many artefacts of Pompeii due to the layer of volcanic ask. Walk through the famous streets of Pompeii and Herculaneum to relive the times of the inhabitants in Pompeii.After Pompeii tour, we will retreat back to Sorrento.

Day 4: Sorrento – Palermo

Breakfast at the hotel and then free time according to the time schedule of the flight. At the proper time, you will take a transfer to Naples airport to take the direct flight to Palermo. We will arrive at Palermo airport and will be transferred to the hotel in Palermo.

Day 5: Palermo – Monreale – Palermo

Breakfast at the hotel and we will spend half the day going through the Baroque city of Palermo. The first location of the day will be Monreale, to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Cathedral and the Benedictine Cloister. The Monreale Cathedral boasts to be the most extant example of the Arab-Morman architecture, masterpieces of art and sculptures. It is known to have been housing one of the finest Byzantine mosaics depicting both the Old and the New Testament. After that, we will return to Palermo, to start a great sightseeing tour of the city centre, includin the Palatine Chapel housed in the Royal Palace. Free time for lunch and free afternoon in Palermo. Overnight at the Hotel. 

Day 6: Palermo

Today is a free day to roam around Palermo, exploring every hooks and nook of this wonderful Baroque city. Here, you will find many hidden treasures, astounding architectures and blissful relaxation cafes and taverns. At the heart of Palermo is the splendid Quattro Canti, the Piazza Vigliena, denoting the Four Corners of the traditional center of Palermo. The Spanish Baroque styled buildings with illustrative sculptures are the highlights. Here, you will learn about the history of Palermo, which has been conquered by the Phoenicians, the Byzantine, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans and then later became the Kingdom of Sicily and Naples.Some of the landmarks of Palermo are the Palermo Cathedral, San Giovanni Church, San Cataldo, the Capella Palatine – Chapel of the 12th century Palace of Norman with outstanding mosaics, the city walls of Palermo – the Phoenician and the medieval walls. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 7: Palermo – Agrigento – Palermo

After breakfast at the hotel, we will take the long-awaited tour to Agrigento to visit the ten Doric Temples of the Valley of the Temples. It is called the "beautiful city of the mortals". You can see the very well preserved Greek Doric Temples. We will visit the ancient Greek sites of the Doric Temples in the Valle dei Templi – Valley of the Temples. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is the largest of the Doric temples, Temple Concordia, Temple Juno, Temple Heracles the most venerated amongst the Akragas and Temple Asclepius. Return to Palermo and overnight at the Hotel. 

Day 8: Palermo

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be transferred to Palermo airpo

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