Half-day Food & Wine Tour of the Mount Vesuvius, departing from Naples

Half-day Food & Wine Tour of the Mount Vesuvius, departing from Naples

4 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Excursion on Mount Vesuvius from Naples with vist of the cratere

Join this half-day tour to visit the vineyards on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the majestic volcano that dominates the Gulf of Naples. Enjoy a Mediterranean lunch accompanied by a tasting of the renowned local wines and then visit the Vesuvius crater

Half-day Food & Wine activity of the Mount Vesuvius, departing from Naples highlights: 

  • Depart from Naples to reach the slopes of Mount Vesuvius
  • Taste the local food delights with a light lunch at the slopes of Vesuvius
  • Admire breathtaking sceneries, surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean nature
  • Reach the crater of Vesuvius with a local guide
  • Savor fine local wines such as Falanghina, Lacryma Christi, Aglianico and many more

Half-day Food & Wine activity of the Mount Vesuvius, departing from Naples

With this half-day trip, departing from Naples, you will have the opportunity to reach the Mount Vesuvius area,admiring its stunning scenarios and tasting the excellent local prodcuts and wines produced in the vineyards located at the slopes. 

Have lunch along the slopes of Vesuvius

You will depart from Naples to board a bus equipped with all comforts, and you can admire the stunning sceneries surrounding the city.
Once at the foot of the majestic volcano, you are going to taste the finest local wines produced in the vineyards, historically grown on the Mount Vesuvius, famous al over the world. You will enjoy a special lunch with tipycal products and taste wines such as the Falanghina or Lacryma Christi

Visit the Mount Vesuvius with this half-day tour

Mount Vesuvius is not only one of the world's most famous volcanos, but is also a cultivated land, where vegetables, fruit, olive and citrus groves are produced. And, of course, there are the vineyards, considered DOC due to the notoriety and the high quality of the wines that are produced.
Immersed in the Mediterranean nature of the Vesuvius you will have the opportunity to enjoy the scents and breathtaking views that this region can offer. After lunch you will be taken up to 1000 meters of altitude to start your hike on the Mount Vesuvius. 

Admire the crater with a local guide

You will have a local certified guide of the Vesuvius National Park, who will explain you everything about the nature of the area. The guide will assist you in purchasing the access ticket, and then you will climb up together to reach the crater. It will be an amazing eXPerience!
You will then have some free time to go around, to take some pictures, before heading back to Naples by bus. 

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