Half Day Group Cooking Class in Sorrento with a professional Chef

Half Day Group Cooking Class in Sorrento with a professional Chef

4 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Immediate confirmation

Cooking Lesson in Sorrento with a Professional Chef

This group eXPerience in Sorrento is the perfect way to learn how to cook traditional food and taste some of the most delicious local dishes

Half Day Small Group Cooking Lesson with an English speaking Chef in Sorrento highlights: 

  • Witness the relaxing and breathtaking landscape of Sorrento hills
  • Enjoy the hospitality of a local chef in Sorrento and discover the secrets of the world-famous Neapolitan cuisine
  • Acquire cooking abilities under the supervision of an expert chef and learn how to cook a proper italian meal
  • Taste some of the most exquisite traditional dishes during this activity
  • Test your culinary skills in a welcoming and warm environment with a small group tour

Half Day Small Group Cooking Lesson with an English speaking Chef in Sorrento

Join this exclusive half day cooking class in Sorrento! Have you ever wanted to learn how to prepare some typical italian dishes? This gastronomic activity in Sorrento will give you the possibility to do it! And of course, you can taste the best Neapolitan cuisine and a good typical lunch!

Enjoy Italian's delicious cuisine in a beautiful atmosphere

Sorrento Peninsula has a unique landscape. High and low hills, majestic mountains and deep valleys make it a piece of heaven. Along centuries, people have levelled even the most inaccessible areas, transforming the land into terraces descending towards the sea. Olive groves, lemon and orange trees and vineyards make the most colourful landscape you have ever seen. Thanks to its dry and mild climate, the Sorrento Peninsula is the ideal place to come for a holiday in every season. If you decide to participate in this group tour, you will never regret coming to Sorrento!

Taste the Local Food together with your Chef and a reduced group of people

The departure will take place from a meeting point in  Sorrento. You will travel by minivan to the place in Sorrento in which you will begin your 4 hours eXPerience. There, you will be welcomed by an expert chef, in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. This is the perfect place to participate in an Italian cooking class and enjoy the typical cuisine in the area. This  group tour is not only about tasting extraordinary meals, but also about making your own food!

Discover all the tricks of Italian Cuisine 

You will use fresh, natural ingredients and you will cook, with the supervision and the help of an English speaking professional chef, a typical italian and Neapolitan meal. You will also have the chance to realize a vegetarian menu and you will be able to share this experience with family and friends! Under the supervision of an expert chef, you will learn the perfect techniques. After the cooking time is over, you will have the chance to taste your own dishes and find out how good your culinary skills are.
After the exclusive tour has finished, everybody will gather and get ready for the return to Sorrento.

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