Half day trip to Amalfi departing from Naples

Half day trip to Amalfi departing from Naples

5 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Transportation from Naples to Amalfi for half day

Leave Naples and visit the center of Amalfi between history, art, sea and nature. An half day tour to enjoy free time in the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. A land where you can't forget the smell of lemon, the salty breeze of the coast, the colors of local craftsmanship. 

Group excursion to the city of Amalfi from Naples highlights: 

  • Discover Amalfi in an half day tour leaving from Naples
  • Stroll around the attractive streets of the center of Amalfi
  • Visit the impressive Saint Andrew's Cathedral
  • Admire the 13th century Chiostro del Paradiso
  • Be amazed from the natural landscape around Amalfi Coast

Group excursion to the city of Amalfi from Naples

Enjoy an half day tour from Naples to discover a picturesque interlacing of alleys and stairways overlooks the sea with all its extraordinary colors reflecting the enchanting landscape of Amalfi, the town whose name blesses the entire coast.

Amalfi landscape

With this excursion to Amalfi from Naples, you will visit one of the most famous tourist resorts of the Amalfi Coast, a Unesco world heritage. The tortuous street slips over deep gorges and runs down toward the beach and climbs up again along a sequence of breathtaking views: an extremely unique scenery designed by bays, inlets and cliffs engrafted onto the mountain. You will depart from Naples, travelling comfortably by bus, to reach Amafli and visit the city on your own (about 2 hours)

Saint Andrew Cathedral

Dominated by the majestic Cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew, Amalfi proffers innumerable testimonies of its glorious past as a Maritime Republic. In the crypt of the cathedral are preserved the precious remains of St. Andrew. Admire the details of the styles that intertwine inside and outside the basilica, before visiting the world-famous Cloister of Paradise: an Arab-style garden containing the sarcophagi of illustrious men of the past.

Sea and artisans

Ancient trades passed down over the centuries, such as that of the artistic ceramic manufacturing of Amalfi, famous also for the commerce of clothes, jewelry, liquors and other exclusive products. We suggest you to learn about the ancient art of paper produced here since the Middle Ages, which due to its value, is one of the Amalfi luxury goods with an ancient and glorious tradition. Also, if it is the right season, we suggest to take time for a swim in the crystaline sea of Amalfi, before going back to Naples by bus!

Other day eXPeriences to Amalfi Coast

If you wish to spend an entire day in Amalfi Coast, check the day trip from Naples to Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi or the exclusive private transportation from Naples to the Amalfi Coast.