Amalfi Drive & Sorrento Full-Day Tour from Amalfi, Ravello or Maiori

Amalfi Drive & Sorrento Full-Day Tour from Amalfi, Ravello or Maiori

8 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Group tour from Amalfi, Ravello or Maiori to Amalfi Coast and Sorrento

Venture along the Amalfi coast and explore the catching sites of Sorrento. Enjoy a panoramic drive over the Coast and a walking tour with your local tour and vender around Sorrento. See the evidence of ancient places as well as churches and the specifics about noble families of Sorrento. 

One day trip to Sorrento with panoramic stop in Positano from Amalfi, Ravello or Maiori highlights: 

  • Discover the beauty of Amalfi Coast in a full day tour
  • Enjoy the views on the Coast and learn the history of coast through a local guide
  • Walk around the city center in Sorrento
  • Not only churches and ancient places but also see Durazzo Portal & antique museums
  • Enjoysome shooping in the posh streets of Sorrento

One day trip to Sorrento with panoramic stop in Positano from Amalfi, Ravello or Maiori

Forget yourself in your most memorable full-day walking tour from the Amalfi Coast to visit Sorrento. With your local guide, start the tour and explore churches, historical hermitages, hundred-year-old places and learn about the living manners of many noble families of Sorrento. From tasting the limoncello at Via San Cesareo to witnessing the amazing woodwork at an inlaid shop, you  a wide variety of options for some shopping! With your guide, admire the panorama and learn about the history and beauty of Furore, Praiano and Conca de Marini during the drive on Amalfi road. Enjoy a short photoshoot at Positano Belvedere and save some memories.

Dsicover Sorrento centre

The full day tour will start from the Amalfi Coast, from where you will depart to reach Sorrento after a pleasant panoramic ride. Once arrived in Sorrento, you will admire the main attractions, such as Palazzo Veniero. The architecture of this historic building resembles the structural style of Byzantine and Arab style. Palazzo Veniero is the great cultural spot of Sorrento and represents the history of this tourist attraction. With three arched painted windows, this unique building is decorated with motifs of yellow & grey color. Explore every corner of this historic building with your guide and learn facts & realities about Sorrento.

S. Maria del Carmelo’s Church

There will be also time for another attractions, such as S. Maria del Carmelo's Church. Rebuilt in15th Century, Maria de Carmelo Church is dedicated to the martyrs of Sorrento. The church is full of the paintings of many local artists. Here you can see “Dark Virgin Painting,” which is a copy of the famous painting of Carmine in Naples. Every painting has its own story; learn the history of this historic church from your local guide. After the visit, you will have free time for lunch at your leisure and to enjoy the city centre as you prefer, perhaps going for some shopping in the posh streets of Sorrento. 

Holiday Destination Positano

After the visit of Sorrento, you will get on board the bus to go back to Amalfi, Ravello or Maiori but the full day tour is not over yet! You will enjoy a ride over the Coast, getting also the chance to do a panoramic stop get yourself in the beauty of Positano, a small Cliffside village along the southern side of the Amalfi coast. Here you can capture the beauty of this village in your cameras and make some memories before heading. 

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