Half day minicruise to Positano and Emerald Grotto from Amalfi, Maiori or Minori

Half day minicruise to Positano and Emerald Grotto from Amalfi, Maiori or Minori

4 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Boat tour to Emerald Grotto and Positano from Amalfi, Maiori or Minori

Indulge in a beautiful half-day minicruise along the Amalfi Coast on a boat. You can relish the wonder of nature from the incredible viewing point of the sea. Cruise to the iconic shopping point, the Positano Town after roaming around the spectacular Emerald Grotto.

Mini cruise from Amalfi, Maiori or Minori to Emerald Grotto and Positano highlights: 

  • Enjoy an unforgettable half day cruise to Positano from Amalfi, Maiori or Minori
  • Admire the astonishing Emerad Grotto near Positano
  • Stroll around the street fo Positano
  • Absorb the beauty and history of the area
  • Relax on the boat and be prepared to take many panoramic pictures

Mini cruise from Amalfi, Maiori or Minori to Emerald Grotto and Positano

Aboard the cruise from the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Italy, along with our other guests and a professionally trained guide and see the hidden beauty of Italy. Traveling along the Mediterranean Coast, our first stop would be the incredible Emerald Grotto with its green-hued water and stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. From there we resume our expedition to the whitewashed building in Positano.

The Untold secrets of the Emerald Grotto 

The once dry grotto was found in 1932 and was flooded by the quivering movement of the seawater. Emerald Grotto was named on the slight emerald color of water gained by the reflection of sunlight on it. The cave is home to long stalactites and roof reaching stalagmites, which have an average height of ten meters, emerging from the sea. The interior of the cavern is a splendid scene; its atmosphere is astonishingly conquered by the contrast of blue and green. If wheather permits, we will get around the Emerald Grotto, so be ready to take a lot of pictures! 

Positano town

After enjoying the wonders of nature at the Emerald Grotto, our next stop is the spectacular town of Positano that is famous for its cube-shaped whitewashed houses, the enchanting uniqueness of the local fashion boutiques and cafes. Here, you will have 2 hours of free time to enjoy the town. You can choose wheter to eat, shopping or just strolling the streets of the White cube houses town. The boat will start its journey back to Amalfi Coast.

The Journey back to Amalfi

Lose yourself in the unmatchable beauty of the sunset on the way back to the Amalfi coast. The colors and lights reflected on the Whitewashed houses portray hues of beautiful colors that leave the watching eye, thinking about the scene for weeks ahead. It will be an incredible experience that you will remember for a long time! After this half day trip to Positano, your boat will take you back to Amalfi. 

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