Small Group Tour of Milan in a Day, with Last Supper and Duomo Terraces

Small Group Tour of Milan in a Day, with Last Supper and Duomo Terraces

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Milan in a Day including the painting called "The Last Supper"

Embark on an unforgettable tour around Milan's attractions and discover its many dazzling hidden jewels! Even though it is known as Italy's fashion capital, go beyond the usual touristy trail and keep your eyes peeled for the city's many notable artistic, architectural, and historical highlights!

Small Group excursion of the jewels of Milan with "Last Supper" visit highlights: 

  • Skip the line to marvel at The Last Supper, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary works
  • Visit the Sforza castle and discover the history of one of Italy’s most significant ruling family
  • Be mesmerized by the stunning Renaissance frescoes all over the interiors of “Milan’s Sistine Chapel,” San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore
  • Take a stroll on the grandeur roof of Milan Duomo and its intricate façade
  • Discover the illustrious opera house Teatro Alla Scala and be enthralled by its enchanting façade

Small Group excursion of the jewels of Milan with "Last Supper" visit

Choose an exclusive tour consisting of not more than 12 participants, to discover Milan, while guided by an expert English-speaking guide across Milan’s highlights.

Step into the world's most iconic painting: The Last Supper

Your epic journey starts at the one of the most well-known mural painting in the world, The Last Supper, painted by the illustrious Leonardo Da Vinci in the late 15th century. Not surprisingly, tickets to marvel at this stunning artwork are often sold out way in advance. However, not to worry as we have got it completely covered for you in this tour. Skip the line as we have pre-booked all the tickets for you, so you would only need to hold in the excitement as you anticipate for your turn to enter the room with your guide and tour group. Do note that a maximum of 28 people are allowed to enter at one time, so there will be a time limit. Make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for the famed painting for every second you are in there.    

Marvel at Milan's most famous historic gems

Next up, we will embark on our enriching walking tour around this former Imperial Roman capital. Our first destination is the 16th-century Chapel San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, charmingly nicknamed “Milan’s Sistine Chapel”. Though its façade is rather inconspicuous, its interior is a treasure trove of magnificent mind-blowing frescos.
 Our next stop is the grandeur Sforza Castle, home to the once powerful ruling family of Milan – The Sforza family. They were famous art patrons who have funded many art commissions and cemented the strong artistic culture in Milan. With a vast collection of famed art pieces, you will be your time here admiring at the beautiful works including one by Leonardo da Vinci. View the extravagant furniture and musical instruments that once served their formidable masters; along with the charming stories told by your expert guide that give you a glimpse of its glorious past.
 Transverse back to the present as you sashay through one of the most evocative district in Milan, the Brera District, which was once the favourite haunt of artists and bohemians. Here, we will discover the home to Milan’s opera and one of the most revered venues, the Teatro Alla Scala whose walls once heard the distinguished tunes of Verdi and Bellini.

Admire the epitome of gothic architecture - Milan Duomo  

The tour comes a spectacular close with a visit to the most anticipated monument, the prominent Milan Duomo (Duomo di Milano). An epitome of gothic architecture, this perfectly designed cathedral is situated in the heart of the ancient Roman city of Mediolanum. Take a breath-taking walk on its unique roof and admire its many spires and statues. You will be able to walk on all three levels of the roof with our special access tickets and be inspired by its elaborate construction process.  

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Reviewed by Arthur Kenneth S. from

Thorough walking tour of must -see in Milan!

Our guide was very knowledgeable and brought us to see the important sights of what Milan has to offer in a brief 4 hours time. Will recommend this tour to others!