Private Walking Tour of the Porta Nuova District and the Modern Milan

Private Walking Tour of the Porta Nuova District and the Modern Milan

3 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Walking Private Visit of Modern Milan and Porta Nuova

Explore Milan's fantastic modern side on this private guided walking tour which can be tailored to your interests. Visit the Porta Nuova district and the Piazza Gae Aulenti in all its modern charm. Stare at Italy's tallest skyscrapers and shop at Eataly, a famous store with authentic Italian product

Private Walking excursion of the Porta Nuova District and the Modern Milan highlights: 

  • Enjoy a private, guided walking tour of modern Milan
  • Explore Italy's financial center and one of the world's most important cities in modern fashion
  • Marvel at Italy's tallest skyscrapers, including Bosco Verticale and Tower Pelli
  • Discover the charming and modern Porta Nuova district and the lovely Piazza Gae Aulenti
  • Visit the famous store Eataly to browse, buy, and sample Italy's best authentic products

Private Walking excursion of the Porta Nuova District and the Modern Milan

Spend 3 hours walking in tune with the exciting, upbeat tempo of 21st century Milan. Appreciate unique cultural sights, and discover why Milan is designated one of the world's shopping and fashion capitals. Take in the contemporary character of the city's most modern district and turn your head to the sky to admire Italy's tallest skyscrapers. Enjoy the unique ambiance and visit some of the city's best new monuments.

Visit the modern part of Milan and its attractions

A leading global city, it's no secret that Milan holds some of the best wonders of modern Italy. This main commercial, industrial, and financial center of Italy is also an educational and culture hub and a world-renowned fashion capital.
While other Italian cities like Rome, Florence, and Naples are best known for their historic sides, Milan'sincredible historical side is equally celebrated if not outshined by its marvelous modern aspects.

A private walking tour together with a professional guide

This private walking tour includes a professional and knowledgeable guide. As it is private, you can spend as much or as little time as you want at each site, ask your guide as many questions as you want, and stop for snacks, bathroom breaks, or photo ops whenever you want to! Just let the guide know your own personal interests and preferences. This exclusive opportunity can be tailored to your own desires, needs, and schedule. What's not to love about it?
Start the tour in front of Palazzo Lombardia, the seat of Lombardy's regional government. From here, stroll through the Porta Nuova District, full of contemporary buildings and skyscrapers - some of which were only constructed in the past 5 years! Marvel at the futuristic architecture and avant-garde designs which give this city its ultramodern vibe. Stare in awe at such monoliths as the Tower Pelli and learn about the interesting design of the Bosco Verticale, an innovative green structure.

Admire some of the most amazing skycrapers in Italy

Pass through Piazza Gae Aulenti, the district's center, and head toward Corso Como. Here, find the famous Eataly, a gigantic mecca for Italian products. Head inside to sample and buy from a selection of the best and most authentic Italian products on the market. Take as much time as you'd like on this private shopping excursion, and perhaps pop in to one of the many quaint cafes on this busy street for a quick aperitivo.

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